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  1. I found the dildo the girls in the house were making use of it when they found out you wont be back till July 4th to reclaim it. Thorin is never allowed in the pool and it has nothing to with him pissing and shitting himself there's more problems then that. Tomorrow night is going to be a good one can't wait see you all there Sevan
  2. Band Together @ Snitch, Thurs May 19

    ok i'm ready to go, just got back from vacation, what a nightmare 2 people fell off the the cruise ship and we had to spend a day seaching the ocean for them. my luck they have to pick my vacation to jump off we'll hopefully the coast guard will find them, but I think it's a little too late now. so I'm in rare form for this one god help everyone
  3. I think we should just camp out at crobar for the weekend bring our sleeping bags and a tents and set it up right on the dance floor this way we don't have to worry about going home i hope crobar management will be ok with it.
  4. sander tonight

    ask for sevan's list
  5. wow he's out of his mind i'm ready for anything
  6. come to crobar boris is doing a 12 hour set it will be nutts in there call me if you need more info and table reservation call [email protected] 201 446 6317
  7. can't wait for this night hope to see you all there thanks for the support sevan
  8. What Are Spirits Nye Plans???? Info??

    New Years Eve @ Spirit Jonathan Peters with Sylver performing live "All This Time"
  9. just good???? come on vibe is insane
  10. Yes Godskitchen will be joining forces with the Friday Team.....Reach Productions, Thorin Aiello, Sevan, Michael Julian, Fusion, Billy & Adam "Sandbar Crew", Morgan T and many more Fridays are back!!!! Upcoming Friday Schedule November 12th - Robbie Rivera Novemeber 19th - Ivano Bellini, Shawn Ink November 26th - Gabriel & Dresden
  11. Where should I go tonight?

    spirit it's going to be a great night
  12. Spirit Saturday Promoters

    just have call the club and ask for sevan 212 268 9477
  13. spirit dress code ?????

    your good to go
  14. SF reunion Party in Connecticut

    this is a mistake thats a saturday jp is at spirit on saturdays