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  1. Pacha New York?

    http://www.rhythmism.com/forum/showthread.php?t=25884 hot off the press sauer i heard 2nd sun is going to open up for you in the VIP room
  2. Ibiza 2005 - Roll Call

    i heard Bora Bora closed down, is this true? chk out http://www.ibiza-spotlight.com/night/ibiza_clubs_i.htm also add to your list DeepDish w/ Behrouz, hottest due on the club scene, and i must agree Space sunday afternoons are amazing especially w/ the planes passing overhead im sure you will have a blast just a word of advice----RENT A SCOOTER!!!
  3. anyone hear, someone told me the old SF spot Pacha rocks Ibiza, had a great experience i hope it lives up to the expectations
  4. saw him at Space in Miami for WMC on the deck w/ DeepDish, Behrouz and PTong breakout DJ for 2005
  5. best dj of the WMC

    congratulate me, my first post WMC was off the hoooook!!! im still recovering, but im feening for more at the same time [email protected] was insane, i have a new respect for the guy anyone see the running man in the back from the green laser?? -dre:blown: