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  1. Who's Hitting Up Tabu Tonite?

    Gonna be there next week...which is not soon enough!
  2. Review of Las Vegas 2005

    LaLate...thanks for the review! Gonna use it for my trip 6/9-6/12! Got 8 clubbers in the house! Can't wait. Keep up the good work!
  3. I can here Tiesto playing at the Opening Ceremony

    Yeah...you can see the Olympic Opening Ceremonies on NBC HD, they've been rebroadcasting the thing endlessly for the past 18+ hours. The picture + sound are awesome; you can really hear Tiesto in the background!
  4. PVD, Summer Stage review...

    The show was ok. I didn't like the repeats, or the weak mixing in the first two hours. It definitely got better once the sun set. It was a good night to hang out and listen to some trance with your friends under the stars while drinking some beers! It had a [email protected] feel to it, but the women weren't as hot or friendly, but most of them spoke English! LOL. A good time was had by all in my crew. Here are some pictures in the gallery: http://bbs.clubplanet.com/photopost/showgallery.php?cat=6064&ppuser=37733 Yeah, yeah, the pictures are boring - the really fun pictures are not posted here! Too bad PVD went to Philly to play another show instead of coming the afterparty at the Paramount Hotel. We had fun drinking free Heinikens on his behalf anyways!
  5. Wmc

    Booked my flight yesterday from LGA to MIA from 3/19-3/23 for 235$ RT on AA. It was a good dealio on Expedia believe it or not! That even includes the 10$ "booking fee". Whateva that nonsense is... Looking forward to it!
  6. How was Tiesto's 3 hour set?

    Yeah...I was there with about 8 friends. We all shelled out the money figuring that 1) it was NYE 2) it's going to be over $100 anywhere else, at least we were going to enjoy the music and 3) the party was going to go on until 10:00am. The performance was OK, not like his performance at the Roxy back in Oct which was off the hook! We crowd seemed very lost - lots of tourist and suburbanites. At 5:00am, I was really DISAPPOINTED when I was chillin' with my girlie in the VIP section right above the dance floor and Tiesto starts to drop his finale. I was like WTF! I felt a little ripped off. As soon as Tiesto finished, he came out on stage to shake hands and sign autographs, which was cool, but it still didn't make up for the short set. The crowd disapated quickly after Tiesto finished. We stuck around for a few more minutes and then decided to go to another club. We paid too much, but we had fun. Anyways, you live and learn I guess. BTW: PM if you want a clip of the opening I took with my digicam.
  7. *** Tiesto ***

    I'm going to be there....know of any guestlists for the event? What time do you think he'll come on? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. rest in peace: blueangel

    I just wanted to send my warmest blessings and condolences to all of Casey's survivors. Words are hard to come be to describe how I have been feeling...
  9. The funny thing is that I saw him @ Space a couple of weekends ago when Danny was spinning. Mikey was just doing his thing! =) More power to him. Peace and Love!
  10. I'm going to be there from Sept.1 to Sept. 8th with some peeps from LA and Austin. We've rented a little apt. Looking forward to getting in touch with you gus, if you're interested.
  11. Oh My God-----Check this out

    Ok you crackheads ...here's the info: New York August 18th BT Live Armand Van Helden Roni Size Dynamite MC DJ Dan Jimmy Van M Junior Sanchez Misstress Barbara The New Deal Christopher Lawrence Dave Ralph DJ Craze Dieselboy Sandra Collins Terry Mullan Hip HOp talent to be confirmed ------------------ ~PEACE & LOVE~
  12. Awwww-Yeah....I'm in - I'll be in SoBe Fri around 10pm ready to party like a rock star. So many events, too little time. See you all at Ultra Fest and then Shadow Lounge on Sunday. ------------------ ~PEACE & LOVE~
  13. When I saw the trailer in the movie theater, I literally fell out of my seat. I was totally floored! I can't wait to get the DVD. hehe ------------------ ~PEACE & LOVE~ [This message has been edited by sxs (edited 02-17-2001).]
  14. It's gonna be a little crowded, but I am sooo there. I'll be draggin' major ass on Monday and I have to work, but...whatevas See you there! I'm gonna take my chances with getting thrown out. I won't be standing close to the exits that for sure! ------------------ ~PEACE & LOVE~
  15. Go see Hybrid spin at Twirl. It should be cool. I saw them open for Moby in Oct. They kicked ass. I hope they'll drop some sick tunes tonite. ------------------ ~PEACE & LOVE~