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  1. c a M e L T o E . . .

    i just came out of the woodwork for you ... lol
  2. Ojeda at Mirage

    was on all night! Mixing and track selection were awesome - very hot and tight set ... vocals all night long - good vocals- either hard, tribal, or just full of energy DJ booth is incredible - huge rack, 3 tables, pioneer, cds, etc. very nice system and the booth was huge ... that VIP section looked beautiful too. the club in general looks like a Vegas club for some reason - huge dance floor in the middle with 2 bars on each side set up above just a bit. Beautiful lay out with huge vide screens all over the place. SPeakers and system were tweaked just right ... music was loud - owww lol 10 to get in, drinks were 6 ... mixed crowd - very mixed ... Older men in suits to the young hotties wearing lowcut jeans showing off the ink on their backs ... etc. and everything in between. Energy and vibe was really hot ... everyone smiling and getting along - nice to see for once. only bitch: waited 20 minutes for a drink at one point because it was so fuckin crowded ... other than night had a great time Props to Ojeda for a great night!
  3. my top 20

    as for Abigail's You set me Free - not Vicious ... that's prolly Baez's mix ... Mindtrap's mix is better imo - way more uplifting vocal my top 5: Brain 29 - Demon of the Church Moricoco - OK (DJ Nukem) Barracuda Lumination - Don't want your life (both mixes are insane) Stonephazers - John Wayne Pt.2 peace
  4. hahaha - I hear ya ...
  5. Am I allowed to reply to a post by Igloo??? lol Unclebuc is right about those tracks being a bit old but they are getting a lot of play this summer ... sorry unclewack! you know the deal - summer time is the time when uplifting vocals get more play than usual imo I would say beginning of the summer it was Aubrey - Stand Still Folkner's To be able to Love is getting a little more play than Aubrey now and Deb Cox's Absolutely Not is getting a lot of play now too (even though KTU is ruining that track imo) Vaiio's Rapture is a PHAT newer vocal, but it's not the sumer anthem other vocal tracks worth noting (not anthems): Alone by Terry Dexter (saldano mix) and Abigail's You Set me Free (mindtrap anthem) and (Baez's mix also) and I really like Amber's Yes - vocal mix
  6. CPI last evening

    yeah it was another sick night ... music was so fuckin HOT and the club was even hotter - omg ... I was dripping wet with sweat from dancing all night. lol Ojeda always ends the night with the perfect track ... and thanks for dropping Touch Me - that track is amazing
  7. Ojeda tore it up again !

    LMAO! obsession is a bit strong crackhead ... easy there ... you may need to shove it in instead of me pulling it out ... lol the guy's a GOOD guy ... that's all - we need more of his type and less of the negative pricks in this scene ...
  8. Ojeda tore it up again !

    lol ... peeps still use this line ???? ouch you really got me there penguin I'll pull it out in a little while - feels good right now .... hmmmm later lilgooboy as for Ojeda ... I agree - he's got that attitude like DT ... just alove for the music ... need more DJs like him
  9. Ojeda tore it up again !

    I'm really not a promoter ... just a huge fan of the guy because he's down to earth - not some pompous ass DJ - like so many others .... and he's so skilled at what he does. sorry to bore you ... the cock in the ass thing was funny on the other board ... so back off now igloo - ok or I'll ram my thick cock in your ear and skull-fuck you to death ... ooops did I just write that ... and CPI is cool summer hang out - nuff said
  10. another sick night at CPI ... thanx for making this summer insane - nuff said!
  11. Who Is The Best Dj

    Jason Ojeda ... ridiculous mixing skillz - unbelievably clean mixes, works his ass off, sick effects, samples, etc. and he's not a pompous ass like so many other DJs ... he gets my vote! lol
  12. CPI sat nite - JASON OJEDA !!!

    HAHAHA ... ROTFLMFAO!!!!! yes - you're the younger version of me ... but I look much better than you - hehe
  13. standing still help

    the vinyl is out and there are 2 other mixes on the b-side ... I have to check my vinyl to see who did them - I don't remember right now ... I do remember that they weren't as good as Hex's mix as for a dub - I haven't heard of that even existing ... lol
  14. hope to see some of you there for the record release party of Abigail's You set me Free - she'll be performing too ... lol should be another sick night there ... stop by and say hi btw I'm NOT a promoter - just hoping to see some peeps come by to chill with - later
  15. is it me or the music lately has sucked

    lots of good vinyl that came out last few weeks ... some good hard trance, lots of good tech-house, and some sweeet deeper stuff too - imo