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  1. 09.14 Max Graham, John Debo @ Spundae Chicago

  2. Door Time Friday @ Avalon?

    so jimmy van m hits the decks at 8:00?
  3. Door Time Friday @ Avalon?

    Anyone know what time the doors open? I'm driving up from NYC, and it's going to be close for 8 o'clock door... Any info is greatly appreciated.
  4. Roll Call for GBH / Roger Sanchez

    i've been waiting a while to check out sanchez on a weekend night. tonight's going to be full of ass shakin' and hand raisin' house music... and i will fall asleep tomorrow morning with huge smile on my face - it's like an early christmas gift:cool:
  5. what's up this weekend?

    smartass - :tongue: listen to me - bitch moan whine. i really should shut up, eh? b2b sure does love his cheezdogs, though. he's a sexy bitch now with that shaved head. i was out there for their halloween party. that was fun as hell. thanks for the help, scratch. be sure to drop a line if you ever make it up to ny. you going to be back in chi-town for break?
  6. what's up this weekend?

    hey scratch - what it is? i'm thinking about hitting up chi-town for freeland, though it may be tough. centro has roger sanchez and vinyl has deep dish that weekend, don't really want to fly out for ONE night - that's a little crazy considering how much it costs and how much i like sanchez at cf and the dish at vinyl... do you know of anything in baltimore on saturday - that's the info i'm looking. what are you doing down there? school?
  7. what's up this weekend?

    what's the story with the china club? last time i was in town i had a good night there, then again, i would have had a good time in a cardboard box...
  8. what's up this weekend?

    i'm coming down from nyc this weekend and some friends and i are looking for something to saturday night in either baltimore (preferably because we'd rather not drive) or dc if some good dj's are around... can anyone hook me up with some info? thanks.
  9. closed clubs

    HAHA - and officially, you sound like moron
  10. several big name dj's like carl cox have had scheduled dates here in the states recently, but have cancelled them. coxy was supposed to be at centrfo-fly, but cancelled his whole u.s. tour
  11. does anyone know what time the show started and when it ended? thanks
  12. The Draft, oh shiiiiiiit

    modern warfare is fought with technology, not manpower the chances of a draft of is tiny at best.
  13. thinking like a terrorist, this attack was very well executed... think about it - if you want to blow soemthing up, and you were going to do it with a commercial airliner, you'd want one with the most gas, right?
  14. because of our support of israel israel and palestine have been battling for years over territory in the middle east
  15. bush just talked

    do you know what got us in this mess? do you know our stance regarding the situation in the middle east? i'd like to hear an educated answer out of your mouth instead of all this angry yelling and name calling. there's a lot more to a situation like this then running into some control room and picking up "the bat phone" and telling the guy on the other end to "drop sum bombz, yo"