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  1. jobs of typical ny clubbers

    Im 22 yrs old...no college...do too much k and bombs on weekends...been going out since i was 16......but during the week i am an institutional eq. broker for a second tier jersey firm and in the month of august i did over $650,000 gross for the MONTH.
  2. Dinner meet up yesterday

    lol fucking classic
  3. Dinner meet up yesterday

    Snce i missed the dinner meetup...i am going to sponsor my own meetup so i too can meet all you people because i have no friends and i am so boring and unlikeable (dont forget UGLY) that i have to meet people from the internet who also "get this" go to clubs!!!!!!!! We can take pictues and post them and it'll be so much fun!!Any1 interested?
  4. Me retire from the club scene......

    and to the dancing single faggot: im sure whether you know it or not your family is completely disappointed in and ashamed of you.
  5. Me retire from the club scene......

    ILIANA & BLUEANGELA: you guys are possibly the only good thing on this bored (misspelling intended). EVERYONE ELSE (THAT MEANS YOU) is basically boring liberal white trash
  6. Sound Factory Can't Wait........

    Yo faggot...#1 I am not asian , i am 100% italian. #2 chinese stars were e's that were out like 6mos ago. #3 b4 u make your response understand what was said u piker u just sound like a retard. If u have a problem ...come see me on a saturday..ask and ill tell u where to find me.No more words lets see action princess...
  7. Sound Factory Can't Wait........

    and oh yeah ill be there at 6am with 50 of the old chinese stars cant wait to meet you! lol
  8. Sound Factory Can't Wait........

    tylenol , advil, both popular......u fucking geek. what a stupid question (easy to get/popular)....stay home this weekend rookie. its people like u that are ruining the sf.
  9. Anyone Go to the Gym?

  10. Thinking about moving to Jersey

    i live in princeton and love it partying in city is easy ,by car or train,(i prefer by car) town is wealthy and quiet, some jersey clubs nearby abyss and bunkas 20 minutes away. nice change from living in nyc. best bet in finding housing is to browse through princeton packet newspaper or their website.... www.packetonline.com
  11. Hunka Bunka

    the bouncers there are complete pricks...talk pretty big for 10 bux an hour. and act pretty tough for a buncha fat guys. especially the mush guy ,tuff at the door but i saw him by his fat self at the shore and stepped to him mano e mano and he literally begged me not to rip his face off.
  12. rambings of a former raver

    those sputnik skatepark parties were cool
  13. rambings of a former raver

    i think that was the one on review street ...it was in like a 3rd story warehouse ...went all night ...had a huge video screen..etc adam x , bones, dave trance, soulslinger
  14. there are almost more cops than civilians at factory fridays...but they're not all old...there's a bunch of them that are 23-9 that are young cops...in club clothes and everything...for instance it was like 630 last friday and im sitting upstairs with about 5 people, at the bar directly in front of us are a group of about 8 cops hangin out....one comes up to me about 5 minutes b4 the club is gonna close..dressed in tight sleeveless guido shirt and says word for word "hey buddy got a couple hits of X" i said no and then he proceeds w/ "come on man" not even 1 or 2 , then starts asking people i was with ...and i just finally said go away officer none us have anything and he did.
  15. rambings of a former raver

    i was just remiscing years back when i used to go to parties and was remembering the Cannabis action network parties .....anybody remember "spice" in some ill brooklyn warehouse....holy shit that was sick, people walking around w/ 6 foot bongs...