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  1. fashion parties in new york city

    hey, i told you the best model/fashion parties in the city! did you try any of my suggestions? some of the other suggestions are okay (crobar? not good for what you want!!!! quo... sometimes, but it's not as good anymore), but the ones i mentioned are where the models hang out. period. i'm not looking at my post, so i forgot what i said, but home guesthouse on 27th st. saturdays should be good too... if i didn't mention that one then add it to the list. et qu'est ce que c'est le probleme?! Ma liste inclut les meilleurs clubs, mais vous n'avez pas écouté ! Je dois parler francais ici?!
  2. hmmm... funny thing tonight: there was a new dj at AER last night.
  3. fashion parties in new york city

    believe it or not, at the parties you want to go to, they don't usually check your age. this is actually a good rule: if they're checking I.D. at the door it's not a good party! PM on wednesdays can be good... very tough door by Aramis. (location: 50 gansevoort st.) AER fridays (tonight) in the V.I.P. has a lot of fashion industry people - models, bookers, photographers. i'm a regular at this party. the only thing i can think of to help you with this one is to ask for a guy named christophe at the door. he's french and if you kiss his ass in french he might help you! he's a nice guy, but he's still tough at the door. (location: right around the corner from PM on 13th st.) i believe butter on mondays might also be good, but i've never been to this party. it's on lafayette street. i'm sure the door is also tough. home guesthouse and BED are right next door to each other on 27th street between 10th and 11th. BED thursdays and wednesdays i think is pretty good. home is probably going to have what you are looking for too, but i'm not sure of the best nights. i don't think any of these parties are asking for I.D. - or maybe they never ask for my I.D., i don't know. i rarely ever see that happen. thanks for your tips about paris, and let me know how this turns out for you.
  4. fashion parties in new york city

    are you three "tres jolie filles" or are you three underage, "hommes" ? that will make a BIG difference. what are the best fashion industry parties in paris right now? in new york there are a few places that have a lot of models, but they're very difficult to get into, especially if you don't want to spend any money and you're not three gorgeous girls.
  5. Tao Press Opening - Review.

    i was at the TAO openings on thursday-saturday, 9/22-9/24 and i was also waxing philosophical about the music. here is how i would sum it all up: hip-hop and bottle service ruined the original club experience. i think i'll leave it at that for the purposes of this thread, but maybe i'll start a new thread about that idea and see what people think. i've seen a few clubs in san fran, L.A., and vegas and i would agree with those who say TAO is the best club in the western U.S.. i know quite a few people behind the operation and they've all done top notch work in new york, so it must be a breath of fresh air to everyone in las vegas.