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  1. Club NYC @ SF last night?

    i was there that night also but i dont go clubbing that often anymore, B
  2. Getting Drunk..........

    colonia, nice name and quote.. you are definitely croatian...
  3. Somebody help!!

    found the slideshow.. duhhhhhhhhh it was right there any "psychology journal" information would be great too procrastination is the root of all my pain
  4. Somebody help!!

    Thanks, anybody have anymore info out there? Also I cant seem to find the slideshow you're talking about? Any takers on that one? B
  5. Somebody help!!

    Hey I need some quick help!!! I've got a little research paper to do on Ecstasy for Psychology and its due tomorrow. Unfortunately it didnt even occur to me to even ask you guys (even though you've probably done more research than anyone except for chemists) until now. Can someone point me to some relevant (and accurate) information on the internet on what it does to your body, brain, and function in long and short term during and after rolling? Picture diagrams would help a bunch. I know somebody out there can help me out Thanks peeps, B
  6. Soundfactory Cd's??

    Hey Iliana i know this is a really weird question.. but did you hit up a party in NJ in a town with an asian girl a white girl a white dj sometime in July? There was a pool there, it was pretty cold, and one of my friends was spinning. you have a unique name and i met someone with the same name
  7. The whole mooseknuckle thing.....girls???

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nothing like seeing the ol' ninja foot peek out!!
  8. opera techno house song

    I think the song you're referring to is Spente La Stella by Emma Chaplin.
  9. glowstrings

    anybody on this board that knows how to do this? the one move i cant figure out is when you get a circle going from the front to behind you very quickly. all i know is the hand position is above your head. thanks
  10. Stacker & E ... Good or Bad???

    DO NOT mix stackers w/ e. Over the summer this girl I knew took two hits of e and three stacker 2's (or 3's i'm not sure, do those even exist?). Regardless, let me just say that the girl had no control over her body, she had to be helped and reminded to breathe, and had to be physically helped to keep her from harming herself. She didnt know where she was or what the hell she was doing and everyone was too *scared* to call for help. True, maybe she overdid it but they both increase heart rate and E does wacked stuff if you're rolling hard. My suggestion? Stay away!!
  11. About Men (all in good fun!!!)

    Sounds like you basically hit it right on the nose... don't get us started about women though... B