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  1. This is my city

    Why dont you spell his name right guy?????
  2. Those guys were hillarious walking around belmar in their costumes on sunday just dancin around in batman,seargent slaughter ,maids,and some dude with a mask. By the way headliners was great,had so much fun that i didnt even realize what songs were playing hehe Shout out to 15th and 16th aves Peace
  3. A new one for the people...

    Bionic 6 ,best cartoon ever made and USA cartoon express had some off the hook cartoons(grape ape,jabba jaw)
  4. XS Saturdays

    I hope youre a promoter because i witnessed it saturday and i havent been there in two years,what a difference! music=a lot of vocal garbage,croud=south jerseyish and even a few hoods in there.quality of girls wasnt good. A just overall not good atmosphere. Had to go to tempts even though i really didnt feel like going,but i had a good time,it was packed but not as packed as times before,but the croud wasnt as into it as the last time i was there 2 years ago,and music was shady at some points,not too much energy ,and that relentless noise IS SO OLD. pEACe out ,i'll see you in belmar Oh yeah that place truly is juiceball city. A lot of 3 to 4 cycle guys in there.
  5. just curious how old is everyone?

    23 and i thought i was old hehe peace
  6. whats your ethnicity?

    Another Croatian clubber here,100% born in jerz
  7. ecstasy poll

    yellow sunshines ans MDMA capsules and also oatmeal cookies back in the tunnel days of '97 peace
  8. belmar vs seaside

    Keep doing your drugs in seaside and i'll stick with my liquor and hooch in belmar and we'll see who lives longer and i swear headliners is great.peace