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  1. Rydell was soooo good on Friday. We stayed for about an hour. I was disappointed that Merge was so dead because I wanted to stay and hear him some more.
  2. Good changes!! I'll definitely stop by Friday and Saturday night.
  3. Song ID

    I forget the first two lines but then it goes..."You just strut. What the fuck?"
  4. First off this is a great idea. Set ya Free-Brutal Bill Give Me Tonight-Shannon(hex hector) Final Chapter-Macaluso Welcome to the Club-Plasmic Honey Follow Me-Space Frog Relentless You Don't Know Me-Armand Van Helden
  5. XS Sat.--Teo T off the hook

    I agree. Teo was so good on Saturday! The whole place was crazy that night. I had a blast!!!
  6. Rutgers Roll Call?

    Congrats!! I go to RU-New Brunswick. I commute though. I hate driving...it sucks!!! You'll definitely love it there. Hope it goes well for you!
  7. merge question very important

    I'm with you guys. I hope guys can't take their shirts off. That's nasty when guys rub up against your arm and they're sweating to death and all pimply. Yuck!! Shirts on, please!!

    I heard it was $25. Don't know if it's true though.

  10. club XS last night........horrible

    I went to XS on Friday night. I always have a good time there. It's what you make of it.
  11. I like a nice body, but I would take a regular guy over an inflatable juicehead any day!!! P.S. Please keep your shirts on!!!! [This message has been edited by juliem218 (edited 05-01-2001).]