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  1. damn they lose again

    Worst fuck1ng team in baseball ... They are a disgrace. (and I'm a fan)
  2. H.I.D Kits...

    Xtec.... I have a set of 6000k XTECs on my 2005 m3. (in my fogs) looks awesome
  3. Sickest beat right now is:

    anybody like the beat the neptunes did for that new gwen stefani song
  4. jada is fire....joe's diss was garbage though imo
  5. The Game - Documentary

    the albums tight... The joint 'Start From Scratch' is fire... All in all pretty dope album. One of the better ones as of lately.
  6. The Game - Documentary

    yea...definitely fire
  7. Star & Buckwild

    does one'd mean "owned" as in, "I own you"
  8. 411 On Excel In Newark

    Nice place....just dont bring your car there......my sister went there and got her car broken into and her xenon headlights stolen
  9. Eminems Unreleased Tracks

    Those are from last years "unofficial mixtape" Straight from the Lab...A few of those songs were actually stolen from the studio
  10. $250,000 wheels

    why 250,000 if they're cubic zirconia? Thats like fake diamonds....
  11. Hi Mommy !

    High pitched eric from howard stern rite??? funny as hell
  12. prooooooooops!!!!!!!! That song with mike shinoda is BONKERS
  13. Eminem - Encore (2004) - RNS

    i agreee.... at first listen i only liked a few of the songs....but they're really startin to grow on me.
  14. Eminem - Encore (2004) - RNS

    I'm just gettin my first listen to it now..... Like Toy Soldiers is FIIIIIIRE IMO....