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  1. keepitDOWN! - post conference edition

    tonight's the night!
  2. keepitDOWN! - post conference edition

    *flyer/post updated
  3. keepitDOWN! - post conference edition

    cruise on by Circa 28 this Friday night for a special treat. Stryke will be stopping by this week to bless us with a special DOWNtempo set! i know i have been looking forward to this for quite some time now. i'll be starting the night early at 10pm. Stryke will be taking over shortly after. gonna be a good one! remember, drinks are cheap and there's never a cover.
  4. happy birthday mp3some!

    happy belated miguel! now is when i see this.
  5. how's everyone????It's nightstar...remember me????

    i'll be around somewhere on the beach. nothing definite on those days yet. let me know for sure if u two are coming down and we'll set something up.
  6. how's everyone????It's nightstar...remember me????

    zuly! long time! kidnap lee. i think the last time i saw u two was at blue YEARS ago!
  7. keepitDOWN - Circa 28 - Friday Mar. 2

    coming Mar. 2, my new monthly party will begin at Circa28. keepitDOWN come out and enjoy your night, while we keep it down off of the typical miami path. downtempo, acid jazz, trip hop, deep house and even some atmospheric drum&bass. special local guest dj's will be making appearances each month. this month will be the return of Afrobeta (live set). they brought down the house on my bday party. now is your chance to see them again. playing alongside them on the second floor will be: JimmyT Sebastian C DOWNstairs the dj's will be: PHrankadelic Lumin party starts at 10pm. Circa28. 2826 N. Miami Ave.
  8. I didn't forget ya Frank.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHRANKADELIC!!!!!!

    u da bomb laura! thanks guys. was a great weekend!
  9. Art / By Day / All Night

    i'll be spinnin at this party from 6-12 on saturday night. stop on by for a few. should be good times.
  10. Any news about Crobar

    whatever happens...i just hope the SOTU boys are back behind the decks there one way or another.
  11. happy birthday, digital7

    happy belated brutha
  12. Downtempo meets Coral Gables...

    yes, and they've been going on a weekly basis. the one thing this party does not lack is beautiful women.
  13. Downtempo meets Coral Gables...

    yep..i'll be there tonight. 7pm till close. do it.
  14. my curse on A-ROD

    yeah... .290 avg. 35 HR's 121 rbi's 113 r's = a horrible year. oooook. so the guy made a lot of errors. i'll take his stats any day.
  15. Downtempo meets Coral Gables...

    and apparently i'm selling to the wrong market as well!