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  1. I confess, while the board was down...

    Would the "board" you are referring to, be frequented by that little fidget Vicious Spinner and his naked little slut of a girlfriend? How is the little guy doing? And the naked one as well? And do tell, what is it that the other board is saying about this board? mamma ------------------ SAVIN' THE DRAMA

    I seem to recall reading on another board where this chick has since taken up a career in "nude painting". Why don't you just ask the little slut's boyfriend. He still posts on here. His name is Vicious Shitter, or Malicious Kidder, or Misses spitter, or something. momma ------------------ SAVIN' THE DRAMA
  3. Question about thongs?????

    My friends and i have had this discussion. THe only thing is that a thong only looks good on girls who have ass. If you have no ass, please don't put a thong on. It doesn't look good. Girls with NASITOL (No Ass At All), please stick to undies. ------------------ SAVIN' THE DRAMA
  4. Whats with all the fighting on the board?

    LMAO, ------------------ SAVIN' THE DRAMA
  5. (clears throat) Love is beautiful Love swallows, it does not spit Love has 3 accessible inputs Love is a hooker and an 8-ball of Coke Love is like Silicon, round and always firm to the touch Love Tosses one's salad without question Love goes down on one, even without having bathed Love does not mind giving "Rusty-trombones" Love is bringing a friend home to join in Love does not mind a Stained Dress Love likes Cigars Love is like having a Cherry Popped for the first time Love does not mind dressing up in school-girl outfits or as a member of the Spice Girls or as Barbara Bush or as Rupaul (oops, ignore that) Love orders the "Playboy channel" for their loved one Love doesn't mind having their picture sent in to Hustler Love knows what following things mean and does not mind having them done to them: a Pittsburgh Platter, a Cleveland Steamer, a Dirty Sanchez, a Jelly Donought, a Portugese Windstorm, a Blumkin, a Monsoon Brownout, a Dutch Oven Love, again, is beautiful THE END ------------------ SAVIN' THE DRAMA
  6. Maybe Dave could develope a feature where we could rate the pictures that people have posted of themselves. How's that? I'll even go first and rate myself. yo mamma ------------------ save the drama
  7. I want to cry

    Lolly, Don't cry..dry your eyes. I see you are really stressin about this. Well, have no fear. I will help you. I will help you get into PVD and supply you with all the GOODIES you will need for the entire evening. All you need to do is the following: meet at my car (black Expedition w/tinted windows) which will be parked in front of Twilo at 10pm. You will need to bring the following things: a jar of vaseline, a bowl of cherries, a jar of Hellman's mayonaise, an egg-beater, a gerbil, and some Kleenex's. Remember, i can GUARANTEE you admission to see PVD and all goodies you can eat. Whatcha think about dat? e-mail me if you're interested yo mamma ------------------ save the drama
  8. "Welcome back, welcome back, wel-come back" "Welcome back, weclome back, welcome baaaaack"

    Wait, let me get my Ebonics to English dictionary, and i'll get back to you.
  10. Does anyone really have a type?

    Good question. I find myself attracted to the same type of girls. But what it all comes down to with any girl that i've ever dated is just 2 things. A HOLE and a HEARTBEAT. That's all i'm asking for. Anything else she has to offer is gravy. my .02 cents, yo mamma
  11. I want all my fellow clubnyc heads to join me in welcoming back a former member of ours, Vicious Spinner. He has decided once again to post on the board he said he would never post on again, EVER. For some of you who don't remember, Vicious Spinner left the Board after a very unfortunate discussion about someone very close to him, a certain young lady who decided to get naked at SF one Sat evening. After much debate by the board and verbal abuse from some on this board , Vicious decided to leave us. Please, let's all refrain from bashing him, and welcome him back with open arms. Let me be the first to say, Welcome back Vicious. You were missed. yo mamma
  12. new to this board

    Look here u little tramp. Don't u dare come on this board starting sh*t. It's because of that little stunt u pulled @ SF the other week, that caused all the drama on this board. Because of that, there now is a "Drama" board. It's also why that little fidget bf of yours left this board with his tail btween his legs. If u want drama, your about 1 week late. Go ho someplace else, Ho.

    First off, Vicious Sh*tter, a Websters New English Dictionary is only $5.99. Invest in one. Bro, i'm not trying to get involved in any fight. For your sake, that's a good thing. Like i said i love SF. I'm there like 2 or 3 Saturdays of every month. When i'm there, i hang out upstairs half of the nite. Usually on top of the stairs in front of the bathrooms or on the other side by the ice cream cart. Not hard to find. I gave you a description of myself. I hang out with a mixed group of about 12 guys & girls. Anytime you feel like coming over and putting on a k-holed glowstick show for us, please let me know. I'll make sure i'm there. As for calling your girl a tramp, all i can say is that one can only judge by appearance. You both should know this. I know for a fact that many others shared my views, as we discussed the matter and over heard others saying the same thing. As hard as it is to believe, even in SF there are things that are taboo. And walking around COMPLETELY naked in a club, not a strip club mind you, is not right. Enough said. [This message has been edited by yo mamma (edited 08-28-2000).]

    Smokee? (lol) U R funny. Slow your roll their toughguy. I was talking to the little spinner guy. Don't concern urself with matters that don't involve u. I said that as nicely as i could. As for u vicious one, bro, it aint that hard to find me at factory. I'm upstairs usually half of the nite by the stairs in front of the bathrooms. Tall 6'2", about 225 lbs of steroid-infested muscle. Honestly, i can easily be found, so anytime u & ur glowstix want to meet up to discuss this matter futher, let me know. And bring ur naked girl too.

    Figures. How did i know that that little tramp was with u? I saw that girl walking around. Next time tell her to spare us, and keep her clothes on. Believe me, i'm not opposed to nudity (there were a couple of chicks upstairs i wish were naked) but some like this chick took it too far. If u guys were really her friends, u would have told her to keep her clothes on. I love JP and SF, but sometimes that place is too much. my 2 1/2 cents