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    can u tell me how to get, how to get to SESEAME STREET
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  1. new mix up anthony nero

  2. Its been awhile on cp, but its my 30th b day. I remember when i posted on cp abt my 21st lol... Anway come celebrate with me at the #1 sunday party in nyc asseteria @ arena, with djs anthony nero, tony touch, n merrit x... E mail for free guest list till 1 thanks hope to see u all ant nero
  3. ITS BEEN WAY TO LONG SINCE IVE BEEN ON HERE BEEN KEEPIN SUPER BUSY... BUT SINCE IT THIS SITE ANT THE TUNNEL WHERE IT ALL STARTED FOR ME ITS ONLY APPROPRITE FOR ME TO SAY THE TUNNEL RE UNION IS ON DEC 15TH AND BE F*CKIN READY FOR THIS PARTY LONG IN THE MAKING!!!! This is gonna be a great month comin up in December we have alot of first time events, the official tunnel re-union @ element and for the first time in two yrs we are gonna put one day aside for a weekly party every sat night starting DEC 22 christmas kick off party !!!! also there are gonna be weekly guest DJs that Nerotic Ent has not worked with ASWELL AS NEW BOOKING AGENTS NATIONIALY & INTERNATIONIALY THIS WILL BE AN ALL NEW RE-GRANDE OPENNIN FOR CHINA CLUB'S JADE TERRACE ALONG WITH A NEW SOUND SYSTEM !!!! for any guest list info please e mail me back or [email protected] Thanks Nerotic Ent Dec 1st @ Pacha NyC Nero, Elevate & Jen Brown b day girl Anthony Nero 2-??? BIRTHDAY BASH IN THE BASEMENT FOR HOUSE UNLIMITED DJ JEN BROWN !!!!! JUS SAY NEROS LIST FOR B DAY ..h Adams Lounge Brooklyn dec 6 Nero & Elevate Dec 15 Official Tunnel re-union party @ Element NyC Nero & Elevate Dec 22nd (and every sat after) U4ICK @ China Club, Jade Terrace Hosted by Nerotic Ent & House Unlimited Official Christmas KickOff Party ;s, Anthony Nero, Jay Bonivito, Elevate, Jen Brown, Evil Stultz & SPECIAL GUEST DJ ALAN SAX FOR GUEST LIST, BOTTLE SERVICE & BOOKING INFO PLEASE SEND E-MAILS TO [email protected] OR LEAVE CALL 646 315 2733 THANK YOU ANTHONY NERO & JAY BONIVITO NEROTIC ENT & HOUSE UNLIMITED
  4. cant believe im a cp member 7 yrs

    very cool, bring clubplanet back
  5. wow 7 Yrs as a clubplanet member

    nah i hear ya i only come out when im working or if its danny t calderone or glaude n a few others, most the time im not in the area esp lately. but ya i havent seen alot of heads since roxy n exit what was that 2002
  6. wow 7 Yrs as a clubplanet member

    lol ya man or evenn before that with the tunnel meet ups behind the stage!!! im leavin fri to tour il be back 3rd week of feb so lets try n have one then cause i wont be back around till prob after march
  7. wow 7 Yrs as a clubplanet member

    sexy at roxy was a real good time, alot of good fri nites there. il be back in nyc 3rd week of feb at pacha we should do an ol school meet up!!!
  8. wow 7 Yrs as a clubplanet member

    damn commin out the wood work
  9. datguy, is that tony from dallas yo if it is its ant nero what up kid
  10. wow 7 Yrs as a clubplanet member

    tony what up kid johnny how u living wow whats up cats, u remember the tunnel n roxy meet up with me n vicious... i cant believe u remember all those cats screename names. john were did u move to, i moved around too, to dallas cali and was in hawaii for abit. im back home now and at pacha once amonth we should do a cp meet up like ol times... and yes the green blows i like the ol orange wtf. anyway ya man 7 yrs on cp if u search nero u cann look at the old posts from like 98- now see the reviews and some drama, sandman i think u n i got in it awhile ago lol, almost brings a tear haha
  11. cant believe im a cp member 7 yrs

    i hear ya im still doing same shit, jus different places lol we gotta have an ol school meet up
  12. Bliss definitely the best club in north jersey

    wow what a memory ya i started out at rutgers at kappa sigma for sal in the mid early 90s, the party u were at was it for sals frat kappa sigma, i think i was 15 or 16 yrs oldwow 12 yrs ago... joey jus had twin girls haha poor kid
  13. cant believe im a cp member 7 yrs

    big bri, how u been man longtime kid, whats good