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  1. come on, are you kidding me? Brooke Hogan? How embarrassing.
  2. Is Webster Hall Really Racist?

    who cares??? Webster Hall hasn't been any good since the mid-90's how it's still open is a mystery to me.
  3. Where are some good Hip Hop Clubs??

    good hip-hop? that's one hell of an oxymoron kind of like jumbo shrimp, military intelligence and happily married
  4. **Sasha @ Set 11/9/08**

    Sunday night? What about us people that go to work on Monday?
  5. Manny to the Dodgers?!!

    that was a shocker, the rumor mill had him going to the Marlins
  6. Euro-2008

    Italy gets eliminated by Spain...bummer
  7. Congrats Celtics !

    Not a Celtics fan per say but I'm glad they won it instead of the L.A. Lakers.
  8. F*cking Redwings!!!!!!!!!!!

    wow, another cup for the Red Wings well done
  9. The Average Cost of a Table

    a fool and his money are soon parted...so true
  10. Hockey Playoffs!

    Let's go Penguins!
  11. New Club Alert!!! 90 Degree In Miami!!

    Hosted by Power 96? I can only imagine the fine, upscale crowd that will bring, lol.
  12. Pearl Jam Announces Summer 2008 Tour

    right here, I'll try to check them out in West Palm Beach
  13. Gov. Spitzer Tied to Emperor's Club

    funny story, personally I don't see the big deal-prostitution should be legalized
  14. What Club Is Best To Go To On March 15 In Miami???

    18 and over? Good luck.
  15. Beach Plaza Hotel - WMC 2008!!

    I know someone that stayed there a few years ago and it looked like the biggest shit hole in all of Miami Beach. I've seen better rooms in prisons.