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  1. tom ford quits gucci/ysl

    right, cuz you'd have a shot...
  2. Girl @ Tavern

    Does anyone know or at least know of "that" girl that frequents Tavern. This Saturday she was wearing all white. She's kind of a prettier version of Sarah Michelle Gellar with blonde curly hair, that I imagine loses it's bite when it gets really humid. If you know the one I'm talking about. Give me a 'Hell Yea' She's bangin' yea, yea.. sad description, probably a dime-a-dozen in there, anyway there's one in particular, and those that know, know.
  3. There once was a pretty young whore....

    There once was a pretty young whore - She'd lie like a rug on the floor In a manner uncanny She'd wiggle her fanny And drain your balls dry to the core! Share your dirty limerick.. I need some good ones.
  4. What if........?

    good answer!
  5. Why Do We Have Pubes?

    i think it has more to do with heat regulation and glands and excretion than anything else. the same reason the nuts are outside, etc.
  6. Protection.....

  7. To Be or Not To be, There is no ?

    everything ALWAYS depends, why don't you just answer for today, because the same question will be asked again in 2 weeks, then yuo can give a different answer
  8. whats the most # of times...

    in a 24 hour period, 9
  9. How many inches?

    if you have to stand more than two steps apart, something is wrong.
  10. The Ppl You Hate On Clubplanet?

    I hate myself, I have terrible self-loathing.
  11. The Ppl You Hate On Clubplanet?

    drama board, try again. Apologies, to everyone who knows the best way to qwell these posts is to ignore it. 10-4

    nah, dude.. it should be on the fashion board, because i need my boots to stand in this the bullshit, which is mad deep!!
  13. Iguana's

    cafe iguana, yea. midtown west. great finger food, decent booty shaking.. good tweeny spot. after-work, or pre drinks/dinner. if memory serves
  14. Who's Been Here The Longest?

    ' wow.. the chairman. userid=5, who are the 4 people ahead of you? They probably aren't around anymore.. dinosaurs..
  15. Who's Been Here The Longest?

    I was wondering that myself, you can tell who's been around the longest if you mouseover their screenname/handle and see the "userid" in the toolbar, the lower the older. I guess DaVe would be. As for the most posts, I think trancends up in the 4K-5K ballpark.. that's pretty sick.. but more power to 'em. It's kind of a dubious honor, in a way.