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  1. Denny's birthday Rollcall

    It's Teo's Birthday too! Yeah, I I I I I I I I I I Know T.
  2. new york vs london

    I too am looking for some stimulating conversation.... SO ~NY vs London huh? Well I have been to both places and IMHO I envy London for the large crowds they pull for a VARIETY of sounds. Drum and Bass parties PACKED- Breakbeat parties PACKED- Trance-House- etc the list goes on .... they have Top notch DJ"S in every Genre and the parties are full ,as opposed to some 'decent" NYC dj trying to build a "trip hop" party(just an example) and 6 people show up-London has a SOLID base crowd for all types of Dance music- not just the NYC style BS we have here that draws Bridge and Tunnel people`we really have to search too hard to find GOOD parties. When we DO find them, we're usually only 1 of 10 in the room-PROPS TO THE UK for DIVERSITY musically-
  3. Okay so I went to hunka Bunka...

    "Everybody wants to be a LOCKSTAR!!!" HELP!!!!- What exactly is a Lock- star?
  4. Just Got In From Bunka

    ". i just wonder how its 3 am and he got from syareville to KTU So fast because they just sadi "dAnny tsettos working the mix" Ummm- the show is pre-recorded to Digital Audio Tape or CD- He's not Actually there in the studio. So... that's why you thought the timing was off, and you'd be right !
  5. Fabric Question

    At last years WMC , I met a guy from the UK who told me there was something particularly "special" about the dancefloor @ Fabric- any confirmation on this would be GREATLY appreciated:)
  6. disco fries??

    I wasn't aware that Disco fries were a Jersey thing,Although~ I was born and raised in Jersey and LOVE "DISCO FRIES"-Melted cheese and brown gravy:D YUM!! Never remember NOT Not having them!!!
  7. why are women so screwed up

    You can meet a NICE girl in a club~ They're just harder to find! (just as beautiful-but less "OBVIOUS") but I see your point- that must really suck- i too know girls like that- they go out with $100.00 and come home with $150.00 LOL ~keep your head up tho' They're definatley out there;)
  8. why are women so screwed up

    Although I agree that there are plenty of women who are nuts- Is it really that big of a deal to meet a girl at a club and buy a drink?She looks pretty; she speaks pretty? Y'al talk and get to know each other a little ?("God it so crowded",or "The Dj~ is playin some Joints tonite-" "I like your shirt.".. WHATEVER- Is it THAT big~a~Deal~ to buy a girl a drink(what's it $5.OO)??? I think its Gentalman-ly and courteous and polite. What do you Care if it cost you Five Dollars to realize "she~ A~ HO-"? (worst case scenario) Truth is ... If you guys had "HARD ONS" for Fewer women it would be less costly.Stop trying to buy drinks to get laid (ho's are 20.oo in NYC BTW) and start trying to make friends- be selective!! AND YOU MAY GET WHAT YOU NEED/NOT NESSACARILY (sp)WHAT YOU WANT~~ p.s I buy my own drinks. Sometimes when a guy offers to buy me a drink with out even trying to get to know me or talking to me ~ I feel a tad obligated to "hang out with him"~i guess now i know why, with some guys saying they don't buy drinks unless they're gonna "hook up"-
  9. lawler at vinyl

    what a shame i thought this was a forum to intelligently discuss music and the club scene.. a safe haven where you can discuss youropinion with out the fearof being called names,specifically -Bitch~~for thats a big one as I am a woman. For the record, you re not the First person who's listened to a DJ and been disappointed as "clubbing"/difference of opinionexsisted LONG BEFORE you wereborn and will continue LONG after youre GONE,hopefully without name calling it's so unattractiveand ignorant universally, not ONLY my opinion BUT>> WHATEVER.. my friends and I had a Great time,never the less.
  10. lawler at vinyl

    Wow, I had no idea that some people STILL think that "newer" is better.And further more I hope Regina's "Danny's" reference was aimed primarily toward Danny Howells because ANYONE who Knows Tenaglia knows that DT is all about mixing old records to new ones and just really --playing whatever he feels --as I got the feeling SteveLawler did, at least i hope he did. Whatever the case I had a wonderful time.
  11. lawler at vinyl

    What an awsome night. Wasn't sure if i was going to go b/c I had no-one to go with,my bestfriend had plans/ "work" friends,so I settled in to go to bed early and then it happened!the phone rang at 330am and it was my bestfriend saying how would you feel about........................................... going to check out Lawler!!! I'll come and get you in 15 mins." by the time I got dressed,she got changed,and we got on the road we were in the club by 4:15 and WOW the music was incredible !! Danced all nite- great vibe!! Left at 8:00 am. haven't had that good a time in a long,long time!! So much fun !! What an incredible DJ - it was my first time hearing him live and i hope to hear him again soon!!
  12. Lyrics

    The song is by Dubtribe and the name of it is "Do it Now"- I was a little suprised to see someone mention it on this board but then you said you got it from B2B- They are a favorite of mine I have theyre albums and that song is awsome- very uplifting lyrics-although I dont find it cheesey at all- Its a matter of taste I guess : )
  13. Vinyl

    hmmm, yes.And thanks for stickin' to the topic too-- Go Tempts!!!
  14. Vinyl

    Tolerated by the people who run the party/the staff AND even DT as far as WHAT'S being done hmmm-- BLATANT drug use-- SLOPPY-we all party but --c'mon a little discretion BLATANT disrespect for others (ie- puking in garbage cans- running thru people- OD- ing on shit) the crowd well-- looks very bridge and tunnel to me WHICH is NOt a bad thing for some but- def. a new developement over the last yr. -- chicks in high heels wearing HIGH ticket items-- Big shirtless muscle heads who think theyre the ONLY people in th club- (really people if the club is crowded and we all only have 6inches of space a piece MUST YOU KICK DANCE?)GOD need i go on. Its changed drastically.Some like this new way..... others like myself and ADV do not. SO yes for us Fri.'s ARE done !