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  1. Nick!!!!!! I'm coming home this week. Hopefully tomorrow (Tuesday) there's a long story behind it, but I probably won't even be there til after midnight. I'll Call you to see what's up I want to come!!! I'm going to be home for a month so either way I need some love ok?
  2. Once Again ...i Am Single

    Ok now kids, play nice. Children can act so silly sometimes you know? Now as for you coming to visit me Zee... I'll help this along by sending all my friends to your bar Is Surf the only place you work now? Cause if you're still at Shooters I'll send some guidos in there to give you enough to buy a ticket out here. I need a chick out here to go exploring with me!! Here's another pic... everyday is like a Corona moment it's so pretty!
  3. Once Again ...i Am Single

    Hm... someone sounds a little jaded huh? Hi Kosta... I gotta be honest, I was feeling a little homesick hearing about Surf and Tempts from my friends. But I wouldn't go back there even if I could... I'd do the sensible thing... bring it all here
  4. Once Again ...i Am Single

    Zee, of course it's me You can come to Hawaii whenever you want, it's so beautiful here, you'd never want to leave! As far as giving him a second chance... there are no second chances... start fresh with something better!!
  5. Once Again ...i Am Single

    Zee baby, The single life sucks, I agree, but what are you gonna do? Sometimes you have no choice but to move on. Just keep in mind that if he was a nice, good guy, the next one will probably be better. Trust me on this. I'm out here in paradise by myself, anyone else would be having a blast and I'm wishing I was back in dirty Jersey? You'll be fine... what day is it? It's Wednesday, you can't be here til Monday.... lolololol... Oh yeah, and if you ever get bored over there, I gotta tell ya, hula boys aren't that bad... and the things they can do with their bodies????!!!!!????? Whoa!
  6. brazilian bikini waxes...

    Ah ha... just got one myself so I can certainly vouch for that! The chick putting the hot wax on isn't so bad, but when she rips it off.... OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
  7. Sometimes things just are the way they are.... right Kaz? If it comes back to you then it's yours forever... that's a joke, only fools do that.
  8. dominating

    According to me! And I have DAMN good taste!
  9. I read this board everyday, the drama is definitely entertainment, but it's hard to stay anonymous as it is. Posting here might let my true evil thoguhts sneak out and then WHOA we'd have mass hysteria on our hands. So I prefer to keep those more private moments for real life....
  10. Are u going to hell?

    169- Danger to society... figures
  11. ~~~***bump This Up Every Time U Have Sex***~~~

    Mmmmmm Bump baby bump bump bump
  12. ***Ass Licker***

    Here's a more professional style for ya.....
  13. I Hate My Neighbors

    this is strange i use to lived 3 weeks ago in another house my neighbors were only students we were tired of how dirty they were and how noise they were,my father was tolerant and he never complain i mean we never complain we always say hi to them etc.. because we dont like having problems with anybodie plus we dont like bitching in other people we move to a new house on sept 7 and now here behind my house we have a family,they are like maybe 3 kids and u cant believe how much they fight ,i know is normal in kids but this ones are THE WORST OF THE WORST they insult each other so bad, one is always craying and screaming plus they watch tv ALL DAY LONG and the volume is so HIGH as if they were on an Underground club :lol i don't know hearing them is embarrass,u can understand how parents are forgetting what means educations even theire mother talks without any respect well she doesn't talk,she scream !!! i don't know what to do but im getting tired,sometimes iwish i could scream to them SHUT UP U ARE THE WORST uneducated people i ever meet... Uh huh... must be awful