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  1. Charlie Ruhle killed it last night

    Thanks so much, everybody! What a thrill playing for a great crowd on a SOLID system, alongside one of the inventors of techno!!!! good shite all around, definitely looking forward to the next one!
  2. forget it i'm just confused....it does say 2003 on it but the tronic lineup is correct...i wonder if "event 1" is a day party?
  3. THIS IS FOR 2003! not 2004!!!
  4. Lets Go Red Sox Down With The Yankees

    the sox have had a great last few years, huh? SUUURE they have....settle down buddy maybe if you're lucky we won't sweep...lol
  5. Sander K at Arc 10/04/03

    overall Sander held it down, but nothing too GREAT or mindblowing.....did I hear 3 drives on a vinyl? wtf? started off with some nice tech house, tribal prog, pseudo techno, got into some cheese for a second here and there, but kept it real mostly (underground ish)....good vibe in the place, had fun definitely the track of the night was satisfaction...Bill said its a very limited remix his boy gave him, doubt we'll get our hands on it.....I enjoyed B Patrick much more than Sander to be honest.... good to see some familiar as well as new faces....
  6. I'll post more later, but here's the 2 weeks heads up for a great party!!!!! Friday Sept 26th Homegrown All-Stars series this episode is at Filter 14 .....techno & house, etc in the main room, hip hop/80's in the lounge......FREE with password... Main Room: Nathan Leonard 10pm _ 11:00pm [homegrown nyc] Authentek 11:00pm _ 1:00am [futuremusic] Charlie Ruhle 1:00am _ 3:00am [oscillate, d3] Bogdan 3:00am _ 4am [homegrown nyc] Side Lounge: Erine Tross (hip hop & 80s) 21+ Filter 14 is located at 432 West 14th Street @ Washington Street (1 block west of 9th Ave - A,C,E to 14th street) HOMEGROWN
  7. Right Now...Rich Woods is...

    indeed....and a good guy as well
  8. Saturdays @ ORchard Bar = great house music....good times, and its a lot bigger now, with a dance floor...check it out....
  9. Orchard bar on Thursday

    i'm playing early.....9:30-10:30 hows, braiks, teckno should be an interesting night!
  10. Gay School...

    do you think there is any discrimination within the gay school on other tips? ie: poorly dressed, fat, nerdy, etc....would be interesting...put people in a discriminated group all together to avoid discrimination, and then they will probably start discriminating against each other for other reasons.. "look at the way he is dressed..." "look at his hair"....."he is such a jock"....etc....etc
  11. Sexy at the Roxy is back!!! Aug 22th

    so Donald Glaude & Christopher Lawrence is definitely NOT that night?
  12. Danny this past Friday

    not surprisingly, I heard Divine rocked a great opening set....wish I coulda been there but I was out of town...... keep your eyes out for the next time, I know I'll be there...
  13. Saturday July 12th @ Orchard Bar

    it is small, but good - I heard they recently redid the place a little, I haven't seen it but heard its even better than before
  14. Saturday July 12th @ Orchard Bar

    house & techno....mostly funky it ranges, but underground sounds throughout