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  1. Vegas Baby Yah!?!?!

    Hey mislariss, I was in Vegas about a month ago. Ra is good; I haven't been to Utopia yet, but if you don't mind a $20 cover, you should definitely check out Rumjungle at Mandalay Bay. The music, lights, and dancers were amazing! If you want a decent free place, check out Studio 54 at MGM Grand. Hope that helps!
  2. club sites

    I think the Mayan's is the best. www.clubmayan.com ------------------
  3. independence day @ the Mayan

    Hey, does anybody know what the pre-independence day party at the Mayan is going to be like tonight? ------------------
  4. independence day @ the Mayan

    ok, thanx golde!! ------------------
  5. independence day @ the Mayan

    I believe I called the Mayan directly. 213-746-4674. There's supposed to be like 1600 people there, but I don't know what kind of music, what the crowd is like, etc. ------------------
  6. Pangeal

    Hey, a few of us are thinking of going to Pangea, that new club at the Hollywood Athletic Club. Anybody been there -- what's the scene, and how's the music? Thanx! ------------------
  7. Function

    Hey, has anyone heard anytihing about that new club, Function, that's supposed to open up downtown this Saturday? Will it really be competition for Giant?? ------------------
  8. Rubber

    Yeah, I've been meaning to check Rubber out. I know it's in OC, but does anyone know exactly where -- i.e. what's the address? And any advice as far as getting in? Is it as big a headache as Giant? ------------------
  9. 360

    I'm planning on going to 360 for the first time this Thursday. Can anyone who's been there tell me how it is? What's the atmosphere, and how are the DJs? Thanks!! ------------------
  10. How was Giant NYE?

    I didn't get the chance to go to Giant's NYE street party, but for those of you who did, how was it?? ------------------

    I definitely need to check that out -- on Napster right? If you guys like Sade, you should definitely need to check out Sweetback (2 of her band members). ------------------
  12. Friday guest lists??

    yeah, do we have the list for that? ok, maybe we should check that out!! ------------------
  13. Friday guest lists??

    Hey, does anyone have <A HREF="http://www.clubplanet.com/guestlists/" TARGET="_blank"> guest list</A> info for any Friday night hot spots? I haven't been out on a Friday in a while, and I wanna go out this Friday... but I am broke!! ------------------
  14. Halloween plans?!

    Hey, what's everybody doing Tuesday for Halloween (besides Giant, of course!!)? ------------------
  15. e-mail e-list GIANT?

    Yes, I agree -- try not to go on a big night. I also suggest you email for the list on the Sunday before, just to be safe. If you end up being rejected for the elist, consider going to Giant late rather than early. If you get there early say 8:30, you will have to wait a minimum of an hour just for the club to open; if you arrive late (say, 1:00), you wait half an hour, max, because the line is short by then (and half the reason it's so short is because people give up and leave). Hope that helps... ------------------