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  1. Actually, I believe it's Andrew who owns ClubPlanet. Dave is definately a moderator and has a lot to do with running the board, but to the best of my knowledge it's actually Andrew who's the owner. BlueAngel
  2. Official Club Boards Meetup @ Apples 9/14/01

    I'm down with that. See you there, sweetiel . . .I'll just stop by for a drink or two . . . or three or four! BlueAngel
  3. Keep the Asians out of clubs!

    After reading this thread . . . I believe I have ONE brain cell left. Excuse me while I slam my head against the wall. BlueAngel
  4. Hiiiii Anthony!! How the hell are ya?? Haven't seen you around in ages. BlueAngel
  5. The truth about NYC NightLife -

    I agree with Corbett on the promoter part. BEFORE say ten years back . . . it was much, MUCH harder to get into a "good" club . . . let alone trying to get onto a guestlist. Also, the word "guestlist" took you far. It wasn't just comps and reduces . . . it was a special treatment. NOW it really doesn't mean much. Promoters are not important to club owners as they use to be. Things have definately changed in the club land, but so has everything else in the world. Everything evolves . . . it's the facts of life. I also agree with MissKittie, we do make our own scene. BlueAngel
  6. Question about club Space in Miami.

    5-6 hours?? Ahhhhhhhhh . . . I feel my feet moving already!!! DEFINATELY wearing comfortable heels. BlueAngel
  7. Question about club Space in Miami.

    Thanks so much for the info! Yea, I think I'll just wear a comfortable LOW heel. BlueAngel
  8. Question about club Space in Miami.

    Yea, I really miss Twilo too. Trust me the whole damn city is feeling the lose. Damn, so that means no sneakers, huh? Oh well . . . I guess I'll make do! It's PVD after all! BlueAngel
  9. Question about club Space in Miami.

    Thanks for all the info!! One last question . . . I understand it's dress to impress (meaning no rave clothng, right?) but do they allow sneakers? It's PVD and since Twilo closed I haven't had my fix for a while. Really wanna enjoy this by dancing the night away and I don't know if I can do it in a 3" heel. OH and one more thing . . . how long does PVD usually spin in Miami? He use to spin an 6+ hours set in Twilo. Is it the same in Miami? Thanks again!! BlueAngel
  10. Question about club Space in Miami.

    Oh that's not good. How about Space? BlueAngel
  11. Question about club Space in Miami.

    My bf and I are going to Miami. We're planning on going to Space to catch PVD in October and possibly to Shadow Lounge. Can any of you tell me what the dress code is in Miami? Is sneakers a big no-no? Should we dress to impress? Thanks for the tip! BlueAngel
  12. Germany vs England

    Suuurrrrrreeeee you were, David. As sober as me, right? Okay, Rob. Finish the story . . . I promise I won't interrupt!! BlueAngel
  13. Germany vs England

    Exactly Rob. I think David and I are still trying to figure out what it was that you were trying to finish. Who loves ya, baby?? BlueAngel
  14. Germany vs England

    I remember!! I remember!! I think. p.s. you guys are just too passionate about these stuff. bottomline is that it's just a bunch a men and a tiny ball . . .you figure it out. BlueAngel
  15. I've been on hiatus for a while, a WHILE. Is Exit no more?? Someone please confirm. BlueAngel