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  1. Right on! I went to Miami for a weekend and fell in love with it! I am planning on moving down there so I can party all night and crash on the beach, and hopefully meet a nice sexy latin man... ------------------ The beat is in your blood, dance.
  2. So how often do people club?

    I try to go all out once a month or so, it's getting tough on the wallet, living in the city is fun but expensive. If I could I would go clubbing every weekend! I love to dance. I am new to the board and looking for some cool people to club with. I will be at Vinyl this Friday. Ciao for now. ------------------ The beat is in your blood, dance.
  3. Vinyl

    I am going to Vinyl for the first time on Friday, can anyone who's been there tell me what it's like, dress code, scene etc.?