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  1. I wanted to post a message to thank all you clubbies with good intentions.When I write "good intentions" I mean going to the club to enjoy the music and not so much the X. Ok, I know I can't play Miss innocent but all of you here in Miami just don't realize what you have. I am from the west coast and the scene down here is just blowin' up! But if we don't take a sober moment and appreciate some of the worlds best Dj's--trust me you will regret it and this scene will quickly self destruct-crackheads burn out fast.Heavy rollers create this scenario--and really ponder on it...Place yourself back on a Saturday 2 months ago,your rollin' the music is bumpin'your socializing.Now you know you had a good time but can you recall why,besides the fact your body was feeling totally awesome,can you recall any interesting conversations or experiences? Now do you know who the DJ was? Probably not.Don't let this pass you by! ------------------