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  1. I guess they've moved the date to the end of September for the Planet Hollywood thang. If you guys want to hear Evanly he'll be back at the Contour this Saturday along with some guests!

    Fridays I'd recommend the Planet Hollywood. I don't know who is leasing it, but whoever promotes the Fridays there is doing great! The place is packed! I was very impressed. It's on 6th Ave, by the Old Navy downtown. Saturdays the Contour has Mannequin Room which is hot! I usually doesn't get jumping till late though. 11pm is a good time to show up. It's on 807 1st Ave. Cover is $10. Some other places to check out would be the OK Hotel on Saturday. Last Supper Club and the Ispy are usually packed. If your into a trippy night go to the Back Door lounge. Best thing to do is pick up a Stranger as soon as you get to town. It's the local free paper that has all the club listing.
  3. Hey Seattle, In case you haven't heard Planet Hollywood is going off on Saturday September 9th! DJ Evanly B will be moving from the Mannequin Room temorarily to open the night! Come down! Doors will probably start at 10:30! Come and cut loose to the best Trance in Seattle! Incase you don't know, Planet Hollywood is on 6th just South of Pacific Place and Nordstroms.
  4. Damn Seattle is comatose

    Hey tell me about it! Everyone skips town around here for holidays. Most of my friends went to NYC! You'd think more people would know how to used message boards here also. Considering how many .coms there are.
  5. Is that Rocket club still going on at Planet Hollywood on Friday? Some friends and I are heading down there to check it out.
  6. 1st time in Seattle........

    Tongue pierced? Must been a wild time! hehe
  7. what a saturday night

    Hey the Teen Dance Ordinace got struck down! About damn time (Too late for me I'm 21, but good for the young-ins).
  8. 1st time in Seattle........

    Glad you liked it. I've been going since close to the beginning and it's really neat to see how the place is growing. Evanly B, the Promoter, and the hostess (who was gone last weekend) really give the place a great vibe. Last weekend's crowd was really probably one of the best I've seen. If you liked Mannequin you might want to check out the E-volve that is happening later in September at I-Spy. It's wild!
  9. what a saturday night

    Yeah I got Marc's email today. Been going since the first one. Those things get crazy! I hope those guys are doing a Halloween deal again this year.
  10. what a saturday night

    Did you guys show up in time to catch the performance Artist on the stilts in the Asian outfit? That was so cool! He really got the place hyped early in the evening. Every week I'm suprised by what happens there. It's different, but always great! Haven't seen anything like it elsewhere in Seattle. Sounds like the OK Hotel might also be worth checking out. Feels like things have improved so much around here lately. . .
  11. I've found the best club in Seattle

    I'll second that. Been going there for quite a while now and it's really grown! Thought I'd get tired of it, but something always keeps it hoppin! Evanly B is cool cuz he gets into the music almost more than the dancers. I hate it when DJ's try to look all serious and oblivious to everyone around them. B has some stage presence! When certain songs come on he'll get the place to go off.
  12. Jetcity Productions?

    Whatever happened to Jetcity Productions? They used to do JetCity Jingle, a Halloween Party, and New Years eve party. I think Marc E and Dodi ran it, but I haven't seen them do anything in a while. They move or something? Those events were pretty sweet! Jus Wonderin'
  13. Weekday Spots?

    Hey Groovinkim, you the same one that's on Groovetech all the time? Your web page is pretty cool. Leaned a lot there. You seem to know your stuff. If you get the chance to check out the Mannequin Room at Contour on Saturday nights. Sometimes they have a guest DJ, but the regular DJ Evanly B is really good. IMO The crowds a little older and trendy, but usually there's a positive vibe. I'd be interested in what you think.
  14. What's da best club in town?

    I'll agree with you Kim that Friday at the Backdoor is B.A.D. I don't know what it is but Fridays there have always been disappointing. However, Saturday is usually the day I find that has worked the best. The 'slower' nights are also better since people aren't packed in there so bad. If it's packed I usually don't bother going in. It's gotten a little too popular. Haven't been back there in a while. Been going to the Contour on Saturdays instead. The music is much better and DJ Evanly B is really good.
  15. Weekday Spots?

    Been able to get some more time off from work. Looking mostly good places to just lounge. Was wondering what you all thought were some good spots to go on weeknights? Anywhere have good Ambient music?