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  1. JP @ Spirit last night

    First of all, get a life! Second of all, I'm sorry, I thought this was a message board and people posted opinions, thoughts, questions what have you! Man, such immature kids I tell ya...get a grip!
  2. for the first time in about 3 years! I think it's funny how things don't change. Anyone remember Rally, Judibudi, DJMoose, and some other tru SF headz? God, those were the days! Judi moved to New Orleans to be with family and Moose is getting married! For all of you who remember them...
  3. JP @ Spirit last night

    Okay I haven't been on this board in years, but it's funny how things never change. The club scene is still the muscle dicks with no shirts on, with stubbly arm hairs, running around high on crack and whatever else, posing and looking who's got the best body. Hahha. I just have to laugh! I can't believe I used to be in that crowd. SF, christ, last time I was there was a Halloween party about 3 years ago I think, at about 10 a.m.! Total crack den. JP, still spinning the same shiznit. Ahh, the clubbing days....
  4. WMC 2001 - party reviews

    Yeah it was way too crowded there, I couldn't take it, i was there for like an hour or so. No i don't know Tom, sorry. Next year is already in the making and we'll have a meet up,. no problem
  5. WMC 2001 - party reviews

    Well this was the first WMC I ever attended and it was a total blast and can't wait for next year!!!! All the parties/venues were great and all the people were fabulous!!! Marick, I was at the Ovum Party Sunday night. I personally know King Britt, he's my cousin's boyfriend (Dozia) roomate here in Philly. He's a cool guy, very down to earth, not to mention a great dj. Did you catch him at People Monday night??
  6. What's a good job in South Beach?? Need Help!

    Sobeton, thanks for the advice and also to everyone else. I would take the Miami weather over this sucky Philly weather anytime. I am aware that the jobs in SoBe are mainly bartending or waiting tables, I should have been more specific. I know if I did move to Miami, I would have to work in downtown Miami. I have a BS degree in Biology and want to go back to school for International Business. I already speak Italian, and I would most def take up Spanish, being that the population there is waht, 51% latino. I'm just keeping my options open. Sobeton, where do you live on the beach??
  7. Hey everyone in Miami. I just got back from SoBe, attended the WMC for the first time and absolutely loved it. I love Sobe and i would love to move down there, but what's a good job to have down there where you can make lots of $$ but also love your job at the same time??? Any ideas?? Thanks!
  8. New Picture Thread, Post up...

    Okay here's a pic of me
  9. Oscar G in Philly Mar-3, What can I expect?

    Well I attended Transit for Oscar G. and it was freaking SICK!!!! That man ripped it up it was great!!!! The music was unbelieveable, his mixing was great, the vibe was fabulous!!!! Thumbs up to Oscar G. CAn't wait to hear him in SoBe in 2 1/2 weeks!!
  10. WMC Hotel Roll Call ....

    I'll be at the Ritz Plaza, 17th and Collins, march 23rd to April 1. Joey my cousin and friend are staying at the Tudor so I'm sure I'll be running in to you there! See ya'll down there!!
  11. another picture thread (I wanna be first..haha)

    43 days?? I counted 45!!! I'll take your number haha.
  12. another picture thread (I wanna be first..haha)

    I'm on the left
  13. silly question...

    Yup still true! My girlfriend is 24 is getting married in June and is still a virgin. She has always said she wanted to wait till she was married, yadda yadda yadda, and she is. She said she has tried to "do it" but she would always picture her mom watching her sayin "what are you doing" WTF is that??? I told her she better prepare for her honey moon with some stretches and shit! And why would you want your first night of being married to be painful? i mean come on. they've been together for 8 years!!!! Why buy a new car and not drive it?????
  14. Right back at you baby!!! *MWAH* Love you baby!
  15. I was there like 5 years ago, it was fun, the night life was more of a college crowd. I don't know what it's like know, but it was cool.