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  1. brazil hamptons

    motionnyc known for underground partys in nyc. has excepted there first big venue at brazil. this party will not start untill the 11 of june, but will occour every sunday thereafter. the residents spin groovy house into progressive happy trance. the party which is called ibiza inspiration is modeled after the club space in ibiza where people dance there sundays away in the sun. there will also be live percussion and many guest djs from all over the world. for list info or for future events by this label write back or call 212.744.7433 skip the boardy barn and go to brazil on sundays if dancing is your thing
  2. new party

    motionnyc is presenting a brand new party called ibiza inspiration. this party will be places in the hamptons at the nwest club brazil (17 canal road Hamptons) the party will occur every sunday starting june 11 at 5pm. the atmosphere will be similiar to ibizas space outdoors. dance to funky house grooves until the sun goes down call for more info # 212.774.7433