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  1. 25 comic sans ms Red Hey... My boyfriend and I are going out with 2 other couples tonite, we are both used to the SF, hard house scene and looking to do something different... anyone know of a good place? Thanks
  2. Where ya from?

    haha as i was scrolling down, i was thinking, where's everyone from the BX? but then i saw the only 2 people on the list. me, grew up in Pelham Bay in the bronx, then moved to Westchester. I just moved to Greenwich, CT. hopefully temporarily.
  3. tips for men

    Small tip for the guys... Before you leave the house to go out, make sure you shave those stubs off your arms. Nothing is worse than bumping into a sweaty guy and getting stabbed by the prickles. If you don't shave your bodies, even better. In my opinion I think it's kinda gay.