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  1. Question: This question is a few months old but when I went to Oakenfold a few months ago he threw down "Streets Have No Name" at the end, while a little cheesy my friends all felt a moment of group PLUR and want the track...does anyone know where I can download this track? Thanks! Red
  2. Song ID

    Was in Vegas this weekend and heard the same track at Drai's Friday and Light Saturday... Goes something like "I'm addicted to drums (drugs) and I'm a slave to the dark beat.." Great track...
  3. Unfortunately, all my friends and girlfriend are all out of town this weekend while I need to take care of business on Saturday. Still, I'm dying to get out to Twilo Friday night and see Deep Dish, and I'm even considering going solo. Anyone in the same boat as me up for hitting Twilo tomorrow night? If you're wondering who I am, I'm probably much too conservative and work-oriented to be considered a typical clubber. But I love electronic music with a passion and love to get out there and dance. If you're female, I'm already taken and definitely not scamming. Just looking to have a great time tomorrow night and always looking to meet great people. Red
  4. What time does China Club start going? On another topic, how is Guernica? I might be flying solo tonight so will that fly down there?
  5. Well the ax finally came down today on 20% of my firm, not completely unexpected. This really isn't so bad because I've got grad school in the bag for the fall and now have 6 months to let loose. Question - whats good on Monday nights? With no job and shit to do, its time to start going out 24-7. All advice appreciated.
  6. Where's the Thrill?

    I've been slogging through the workweek for three years living for rolling or getting smashed on the weekends. Why is the thrill not how it used to be? Where's the next thrill? Time to move to LA?
  7. Information on DJ Lessons?

    Hey - payment by pineapple drinks is fine with me... But seriously?
  8. You know how you want to do something for the longest time and never get off your ass? Now its time - I want to spin. Anyone give intro DJ lessons and/or know of some DJs that do? I live in Manhattan and would prefer to stay in the city. All information will be duly rewarded...
  9. Hey - Some friends and I are coming down to South Beach Labor day weekend - I'm so excited that work actually flew by today. This DT show at Space Saturday sounds like a must. Question for the SoBe scenesters - are there <A HREF="http://www.clubplanet.com/guestlists/" TARGET="_blank">guest lists</A> to get 2 guys/2 girls into Space that night? Normally in NYC I go to Twilo where the dress is lax - how fashionable do you really need to be to be let into clubs? What's the big party Sunday night? Any advice appreciated - we're ready to go all out.
  10. Me and some friends are going down that weekend - we're staying in the SoBe Loews. You're going to kill me - I've never seen DT before. Is Space going to be the best party the night of the 2nd? What's going on Sunday night?
  11. Caribbean Vacation - Any Suggestions?

    CM, you may be right. Why spoil a tropical paradise... then again.. Has anyone ever heard of Jost Van Dyk (not related to Paul, an island) in the British Virgin Islands? I was in St. John last year (beautiful) and they said that New Years there is insane. It turns into a mini-Ibiza - the population swelling from 500 people to over 50,000 on this desert island. Sounded pretty interesting.
  12. Just throwing it out there - Me and some friends (single guys and girls) want to do a week vaca somewhere in the Caribbean this winter. We want to go somewhere that has an equal mix of water sports and a fun night scene. Any suggestions? I was looking at Club Med Turkoise, but maybe this crew knows better places to go. Red
  13. Who works in midtown?

    46th and Madison
  14. I really wanted to go but my friends were skittish about the rain and we ended up at Liquids. Anyone make it out last night? Was it rained out? How was the show?
  15. I'm a Product Manager / .com guru at a mid-sized Manhattan securities firm. Good money but it quickly gets old. However, my real dream, the last bastion of Human Evolution, is finding a cure for sleep. Who doesn't wish that they could fit 9 hours of work, 2 hours gym, 3 hours chilling and 7 hours partying into each and every day? I've been working with Columbia professors to engineer a combination of vitamins, IV treatments, and relaxation/hynosis techniques that should enable heathly & alert bodies with 2-3 hours per day of "sleep". Interested test subjects are always welcome. This is my greatest dream! Enough of that...off to Twilo.