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  1. K for your day?

    Try <A HREF="/cgi-bin/redir.cgi?url=http://www.ecstasy.org"" TARGET=_blank&gt;http://www.ecstasy.org"</A> there you will find some answers. L8R, Frans ( [email protected] ) ------------------ [This message has been edited by djone2one (edited 05-22-2000).]

    it looks like the club-scene is going harder, and the gabber-scene has become softer. We see this in Holland, Belgium and Germany. I think the 2 groups will melt together, and we have again one big happy family. Chris could you send me an email, because I think we can mean something for each other real soon. my email address : [email protected] check out my website at http://www.cybercomm.nl/~one2one L8R, Frans ------------------
  3. Greece anyone?

    Depend 2 what Island you go 2. I have been a few times to Rhodos. Best club there : "The Set" in Faleraki, 10 minutes from Rhodos-town. Mainly UK dj's there. good athmosphere. ------------------
  4. Femle DJ's suck

    I disagree, there are female dj's in Europe like Miss Djax(NL) or Lisa Loud(UK) or DJ Astrid(NL) or Miss Wendy(NL) or Miss Monica(NL) and a lot more that 100% compete with the Guys, also we got some nice chicks with dicks, like John pleased wimmin'(UK) or Miss Bianca(NL)...... they all know the ropes....... ------------------ [This message has been edited by djone2one (edited 05-20-2000).]
  5. Who's older then 40 and is still clubbing at spots where they play mainly techno and trance ? ------------------
  6. sex

    BTW I am almost 42 (next month) and I am still clubbing and DJ-ing......for the next 20 years or so...... Just take my advice, only take drugs for recreation, no for a daily lifestyle, then you'll be still clubbing when you are in your 50's. Frans ------------------
  7. Loveparade 2000 Berlin, Germany

    Anybody going to Berlin this year ? ------------------
  8. ATB?/?

    DJ ATB lives 30 miles away from me. He play's often in a club called "Tarm Center" in Bochum, Germany Where do you live ? Any good clubs around ? If you wanna know more, email me at [email protected] or see my website at http://www.cybercomm.nl/~one2one L8R, DJ one2one ------------------
  9. the best club in the world!!!!!!!

    The club that burned down was called ROXY, It's funny that you did not mention the club called "iT", only 1 min. walk from the escape. You can email me at [email protected], or see my homepage at http://www.cybercomm.nl L8R, DJ one2one (Frans) ------------------
  10. the best club in the world!!!!!!!

    If you send me an email, I will tell U some wicked places and addresses, where U can go to in The Netherlands and Belgium. Please tell what you find important in a club. (DJ's/music/drugs/lights/atmosphere/etc.) U can party non stop from friday till monday. If you have only been to the Escape venue, than you haven't seen anything of the UNDERGROUND scene yet ! L8R, DJ one2one ------------------
  11. Question for all teh rollers out there...

    Hi Dude, See the E-Testing Database at http://ecstasy.org/testing/index click on Interactive Testing Database then click on current results. here you will find the latest pill reports L8R, Frans ------------------ [This message has been edited by djone2one (edited 05-18-2000).] [This message has been edited by djone2one (edited 05-18-2000).]
  12. the best club in the world!!!!!!!

    OK guys and girls, The best club doesn't exist, because everybody has a different goal in clubbing. you can devide the clubs as following: 1. Clubs where you can smoke a joint without any problem (nobody kicks you out). 2. Clubs where you can drink liquor without being asked how old you are. 3. Clubs for extravagant people, a lot of clubbers like to watch and/ or being seen in extravegant clothes (like : rubber/ latex/ plastic/ erotic/ etc.). 5. Clubs where the music is NR.1, the best DJ's rule here. 6. Clubs with a lot of good looking girls. 7. Clubs with a lot of good looking boys. 8. Clubs with a good party-crowd/ good door policy. 9. Clubs with good decor/ lightshows. 10. did I forgot one ? If you know a club that has all of the above, please let me know.....if not, you can always visit clubs and parties in The Netherlands. ------------------
  13. Loveparade 2000 will be saturday july 8 in Berlin, Germany. Parade starts at 14:00 at "Strasse der 17e juni" More info at http://www.loveparade.de Best Afterparties are in Arena http://www.arena-berlin.de and in Columbiahalle, http://www.columbiahalle.de The Underground (tube) is open all night! Have a good time...... DJ one2one ------------------