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  1. I've been on my grind makin' moves and improving my craft... Now it's time for y'all to hear it! Contact me to negotiate prices. Easy. Http://www.myspace.com/inertiabullets inertia [email protected] www.soundclick.com/inertiabullets AIM: RoyaLInertia
  2. i wouldn't be too sure of that... and i'm almost 100% hitting factory on saturday so i'll see u there. Email me bro. -Rob ------------------ [This message has been edited by inertia (edited 06-01-2000).]
  3. Which CDs are in your changer?

    Pink Floyd- PULSE Pink Floyd- Meddle Soundz of the City 4 Mixed CD i burned w/ some hex, jp +vicious mixes Billboard Top 10 1983 Frank Sinatra- greatest hits -Rob ------------------ [This message has been edited by inertia (edited 06-01-2000).]
  4. Johnny Vicious

    Did anyone see Johnny Vicious spin at space on memorial day weekend? I heard his broadcast on WKTU up here and it sounded amazing. -Rob ------------------
  5. Rave @ Exit on July 3

    If there really is a rave at Exit on monday w/ dave ralph is sounds like a plan, but i highly doubt its happening. Turnout would be way too low. -Rob ------------------
  6. SEX

    Exit isn't open on sunday's every week its only for the holiday. They're open every week friday and saturday. -Rob ------------------

    Thanks for the tip, i know a few girls who go there on Friday's sometimes and say the same thing as you so i think i'm gonna check it out one of these days. But i actually have fun there on saturdays sometimes, i mean the drinking/hook up scene is good sometiems, espcecially if your gonna hit the city for afterhours later... after all nothing gets you more amped then hookin up-hehe -Rob ------------------

    Yea she's right, they'll definetly be open on this weekend to kick things off. It's always crazy down there cuz there a few spots to hit right on the water. KTU is usually there for either saturday night or sunday night on memorial day, but i'm not sure about this year. I probably won't be there though cuz i'll be in the hamptons at Life which is gonna be off the hook. -Rob ------------------
  9. Where's teh party on Sunday night?

    If your looking for the hotspot in the hamptons its definetly Life. Eminem is performing and Jason Ojeda spinning afterhours. Email me for any other info. -Rob ------------------

    It's like right down the block from my house and is a really nice place... upscale... crowd is a twenty something to thirty something crowd and the music is pretty mainstream. They put on fashion shows though that are really good, and the whole scene down on the water the is really good w/ the other spots they got down there. Overall is a great place especially on the big weekends, its off the meter, but get there early, lines are ridiculous-unless you plan on coming in a boat of course... -Rob ------------------

    It's been my experience that Cyberia isn't much of a club in the way of good music, its just a hook up scene. I've never been there on friday though so i guess maybe the music is a little better but i've never heard razor and guido spin either, i can't deal w/ all that cheese... -Rob ------------------
  12. how come when i try and go to your site nothing comes up? -Rob ------------------
  13. BIGGEST Party in the Hamptons

    I can get you those tickets but there pretty tight as of now and i really can't get them to you for less then $50. The closer the date gets and the harder they are to come by the prices could still go even higher, so let me know a.s.a.p. -Rob [email protected] ------------------
  14. CLUBS

    what comp cards? to where? -Rob ------------------