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  1. Dave Ralph at Centro-Fly?

    Can anyone confirm?!!!!
  2. Fatboy Slim & Crystal Method tonight??

    I just came back from seeing Crystal Method playing down in Norfolk this last Saturday. The light show supposedly was a $300,000 system that was the most amazing thing I ever saw. I was sober and felt so incredibly high. The music for the most part was very good, lots of stuff from Vegas. But, I was honestly a little disappointed in their performance, wasn't very interested in the crowd. Just being brittish, drinking and throwing keyboards around like they were Pearl Jam. I spent the entire show against the stage waiting to get a high five or something for both me and my girl, but nothing, Fuckin drunkards just walked off the stage. Also, there was some white dude, I can say this cause I am one, that got on the stage and sang. He was the biggest buzz-kill of the night. Let us please learn our lessons from Vanilla Ice, God rest is soul. However, despite the setbacks, my woman and I had a great time. Check it out, if they ever decide to promote when and where they're doing this, and judge for yourselves.