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  1. Kim Basinger Appreciation Thread

    There are so many guys that have to endure this type of abuse from hateful ex's that use their kids to hurt them. I think its sick and twisted and feel kinda sorry for Alec. I have a friend that is going thru horrible divorce with nuts ex and she constantly uses the kids against him--saying thing like daddy left "us" he doesn't love "us " anymore--and these kids are 5 y/o!
  2. India wants Richard Gere in jail...

    yeah right?--it was weird
  3. Haven't Been Clubbin in 4 years. COMEBACK TIME!

    Club Exit???!!--How can you put that in same category as the others you listed? That is 'euro'--no? LOL...I rememebr 'many' years ago--while trying to find "Exit" NYC on web---that place came up and it was like wtf??
  4. Traveling w/ Viagra?????

    I would agree
  5. Does Webster Hall suck?

    Your an idiot! Carl Cox @ Crobar was awesome to reply to yur comment--and it was because it was CC not because I have loyalty to a specific club. On the contrary ...I am talkin about 'unity' and there ain't none in WH. I know it was the shit back in the day and I have respect for history of it-period. Of course a great DJ will bring better peeps (case in point--Crobar), but even if my fav dj was @ WH...I wouldn't be -JMO
  6. Who is the next JP/Boris?

    Def Agree!! And that is always a 'highlight' of an evening too!
  7. R.I.P my loved brother

    so young...so sad
  8. Does Webster Hall suck?

    yes and has no 'vibe' either...not to mention it SMELLS too!!!
  9. Hello! I'm Brooke

    odd that a NH gurlie gets such a cool nickname. j/k Welcome. Board is not wat it wuz...but then again same wit everything else in the world. If nothin else --is a good quick ref --and on occasion can meet some cool peeps to chat wit.
  10. Peter Rauhofer @ Stereo

    ..some of the best times me and my hubby had were at Twilo!!
  11. Tiesto at Crobar 12/30/06 -- Set List???

    If you find out pls post. I too was smooshed in there--but the music was effin awesome--enuff to make me stay and suffer!!!!
  12. 1.05.07 - DJ Showdown @ Crobar

    Best Wishes Deep Spell!!