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  1. Shaved Hottie

    mmmmmmmmm breakfast!
  2. GUYS! do you like to........

    my favorite......nuthin better than watching her cum and scream and scream and cum while my face is in btween her legs.
  3. Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock....my second time reading this book, it's awesome. All about the pyramids in Egypt, Macchu Picchu in Peru, the Mayan calender, the Nazca lines...that sort of stuff.....really, really good read.
  4. Built Woman- sex (pic) kinda gross

    thnx tasty.....u sweetie u. btw---when am i going to see you and the rest of the girls again? next meetup? Playpen this sat?
  5. Built Woman- sex (pic) kinda gross

    that was soooo gross it was funny.....and after scrolling back up to read Princesslolitas sig, i have to say .......ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!
  6. ?? for the guyz (non sex related) -

    Here's whats worked for me.....in these types of situations it's better to keep things in the "I". If you start saying..."you did this and you did that" then the other person is going to get all defensive and it turns ugly....instead I typically say something like "I feel like this, or I feel like that....keepin in the "I". It puts a whole diff. spin on the conversation and gets the point across at the same time.
  7. mastrubation in the morning

    We do, and that's exactly what makes me rub one out on the mornings that I have time....I'm already hard. Btw--*love* morning sex also.
  8. nude beach--weather permitting

    anyone interested in going this weekend pm me. It's about an hour drive from queens, and if any guys respond that's fine but our trip ends at the beach--you go your way, I go mine. If girls are interested that's even better--it's clothing optional so you don't *have* to take anything off but I will say that there are ALOT of cocks, tits and pussies walking around. Curious only need apply.

    I def. want to go!!! LMK when you plan this, I've never been but it's one of the few things I'd love to try....I don't want any tandem jumps either, I want to fly solo...can you do that or do you HAVE to go tandem the first time? btw dzadza---"Imagination is more important than knowledge"---einstein....I think your quote is pretty funny too. Tenupa
  10. Some sick shit...

    I just threw up my lunch.....ugh!
  11. Office SEX......

    who here is gettin some? I just had this girl for the first time 2 weeks ago and when I came back to the office today we attacked each other in a back room. Looks like it might be a regular thang.....fuckin' cool!
  12. Whos in Love?

    It's been soooo long since I've had that feeling, that I think I'll never have it again..... Meanwhile, I've gotten 2 marriage proposals in the last week and I'm totally not interested in either one....this sux rocks.
  13. A girl I dated like 3 yrs. ago brought me to this place. I regarded it as one of my best kept city secrets....um, until now. I've had alot of great times under those tents, but aside form the sexy atmosphere the coolest thing about this place is the fuckin grass floor.....awesome, if I remember correctly they get new grass every thurs. night in the summer so it's fresh for the w'ends. Good luck w/the job Stripe, def. cool spot.
  14. Do you like to watch sunsets?

    usually on the w'ends, down by the bridge in bayside....it's an awesome site.
  15. Short Guys( I mean height)

    LMAO! Clubkat...yer funny.