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  1. Wzup I'm in London for 2 more weeks, and want to go to Turnmills. My hotel is on Great Queen Street in between Covent Garden tube station and Holborn tube station. Can I walk? Take the tube? How do I get there?? Also should I go on Friday or Saturday? thank peace
  2. Wzup, I'm from Jersey and I'm in LONDON for a month. Where should I go on june 6th and 7th?? I'm a regular SF guy and used to go to EXIT a lot. I'm looking for a good hard club, but not to warehouse like. I'm sure there are many out there let me know. I haven't posted on here in years, but I thought I would give it a shot since I haven't got a clue where to go. PEACE
  3. AREA 1 whos goin

    Wzup whos goin to area 1 at pnc today. I hope its phat I've been looking forward to it so much. I heard the one at jones beach was tight, so i hope its the same at pnc. Aight I'll see ya there I'll be in the tent doin strings, if they let me. pEacE
  4. vinyl....

    Hey wzup I ususally hit up EXIT every friday, but a couple of my friends said they want to go to vinyl tonite. Any feedback, whats the deal with it never been there and haven't heard much about it. pEacE
  5. rhythm ready and children

    Tony gave me a copy for my b-day, finally I have these songs, I've only been waiting for about 6months. c-ya all next week. pEacE "come pistol"
  6. Exit 5/18

    EXIT better be phat this fri. Its my first time back in about 2 months. I've been in fuckin miami 4eva but now I'm finally home. Its also my b-day on fri. so i'm mad psyched. If you feel like being giving and giving me a b-day present use my new <A HREF="http://www.clubplanet.com/guestlists/" TARGET="_blank"> guestlist</A> : "come pistol" its a great name. see ya there pEacE

    Spikes that was hilarious but i think hes aight. I personally love second trip and overdrive is really phat. WOW hes actually cumin to shadow. I'm gonna have to hit that up. I'm only in fucin miami for 2 more weeks maybe I can leave on a good note is SP is cumin. pEacE
  8. DJ Bore-Us

    Yea i heard Boris spin at this party club abyss did in miami. It was at this club level. I wasn't that impressed at all. I mean for miami it was amazing but I expected a lot more from him being that he spins in nyc. Whateva I can't wait to get the fuck out of the city and cum home to NYC. pEacE

    I would have to agree with a couple peeps post and say venga boys-kiss(airscape) and i turn to you. AHHHH the good old days at EXIT. Nothing will ever beat the snow cumin down when kiss drops. pEacE
  10. advice on speakers

    EAW are the phattest speakers, they have the sweetest sound. But u prob won't find them for under 275. They are def. worth the extra cash. pEacE
  11. I FOUND IT!!! "Charge"

    I think its pretty phat, but I usually like cheese music so.... it gets me goin and thats all that matters to me. There is also a pulsedriver mix that is pretty phat 2. pEacE
  12. homeofmusic

    Has anyone ever used the site www.homeofmusic.com. I used to use it a lot like a year ago. Just wanted to know if anyone else uses it and what they think. pEacE
  13. Good and Evil

    I dunno to both ?'s but if you ever find out I want to know. I love that song. pEacE
  14. help me ID pleeeezzzz

    Maybe everyone should just go where they like. If you like SF go there if you like EXIT go there. Go, have a good time and quit trying to make a big fuckin deal over what club is better. Everyone likes different shit, and different atmospheres. pEacE
  15. Draper Song Release Dates?????

    Yea i asked him when i was there on the 13th he said that they were cumin out next week, but there not out so.... people have been saying he has told them its cumin out next week since the begining of march. Only hes knows when they r, or does he? Whateva we can only hope they cum out soon. pEacE