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  1. any older cp heads

    I'm here from time to time! I was on the LIRR coming home from work and I heard this loud guy talking about Exit and it was old Skool night with Joey Beltram and others. When I got home I told my husband and he was like OK check it out! GG
  2. any oldskool clubnyc heads here?

    DIVA....OMG....IT's Debbie AKA GlowGirl.......Miss all of you OldSkool peeps...We had so much fun!
  3. any oldskool clubnyc heads here?

    Old Skool here, Registered in 2000 . It's so funny that I met my husband in Twilo 7 years ago. We will be married 4 years this year. I miss the Vibe at Roxy and SF. I miss SF at times.....where have all the years gone too.
  4. Name some songs....

    Those were the days....... I remember so many songs........Suckin my D*&@ is all you wanna do, licking my [email protected]*^# Hi Whatcha doing, I had thoughts of you all night long cant describe what you did but you got me so......Sorry I got ahead of myself. Soulshaka The Train Take me to the top Freedom Afrika Deep Kemical Unspeakable joy You dont know me Hide you Let the sunshine Give me tonight And the list goes on and on and on
  5. starving at clubs

    I remember Sound Factory use to have bowls of fruit, Like Grapes and oranges
  6. Who remembers SYSTEMS?

    You are tooo Much.....I remember Systems........OMG
  7. sexy at the roxy heads?

    No Joke.........he tried to do it to all the girls..........GlowGirl, Old Skool here!!!! Sex Board Main Member
  8. Dress Code

    I haven't been out in NYC in a while and I was wondering what the dress code was like. It was always dress to impress, How is it now?? GG
  9. I started going out when I was 23 that was only 12 years ago. I met my husband in Twilo......for petes sake. I love the music and the DJ's, I loved it all. I didnt like the raids, and the people that ruined it for others, Like watching people sit on the floor all cracked out....thats not fun! My friends that I thought were firends were really only club friends (sniff sniff), After I wasnt going out as often we lost touch. I don't go out anymore....I have other responsibilities now. I am writing a cookbook, Working full time and managing my husbands business. Do I listen to the music YES! Do I dance my butt off in my living room Hell Yeah! Music is what my soul is made of P.L.U.R.
  10. I don't think I have posted in 4-5 years.

    jumping up and down..........I am here too!!!!!! I pop up every once and a while to see what's up. My BlueSky Girl is awesome, making things happen at Sin Sin. I remember when she was spinning in her apt. in Bklyn for me before we hit the limelight way back when! I wish we could go back to the archives to pull up the old pictures. FSB nice to see you again! Need an OLD SKOOL ROLE CALL!!!!
  11. I have my ticket stub from Roseland 98 (thanksgiving eve). And my last pair of glowsticks. I have countless memories of people that have crossed my path. People that I have had amazing conversations (and other things) with and never saw again. .......Those were the days!!!!!
  12. any girls on this board?

    I'm a Girl.....DUH I'm Old Skool....met my husband at Twilo in 2000! Who said a Raver and a Club girl wouldnt be a match made in heaven!
  13. In Memory of Blueangel - September 11

    I was thinking of her all day on 9/11.......I have pictures from the ICE bar meet up we had. and it was right before 9/11. That was the first time I met her. Old Skool Here Glowgirl!!!
  14. Which clubs can I get into?

    AMEN to that!