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  1. JP Rocked Spirit Lastnight

    I may or may not have obtained a copy of the mix that he plays
  2. Buying a Jersey ID today...

    Jersey ID's do have holograms on the front, so look for that... In addition though, (a bouncer in miami showed me this) that jersey fakes sometimes bend more easily than the real ones do.. He bent mine as he was checking my ID (it's real), and I asked him why he did that because that's the first time I'd ever seen anyone do that, and thats what he told me... So I guess check if the thing folds in half real easy, other than that good luck... Lots of people I know have trouble with Jersey fakes unless youre from a different part of the country...
  3. JP Rocked Spirit Lastnight

    SHANANASSSSSS!!!!! haha yeah, I was one of the only ones under the booth not in a skirt, therefore I should be even easier to recognize!
  4. JP Rocked Spirit Lastnight

    No prob hun Hola Nicoleeeeeee ... Look how long i've been a member, and i like NEVER post over here lol... oh well a lil left of under the booth yes, but I didn't have a skirt on... However I was with 2 girls that had on all white, one girl with a skirt and the other girl with pants on... It's a possibility tho, I'm always in that general area
  5. JP Rocked Spirit Lastnight

    Could possibly be Harlem Hustlers feat Taka Boom - Love is the answer... He played that around that time
  6. would you punch a retarded person ?

    Oh and my apologies by the way for bein a bitch to you yesterday... I'm like the resident arguer over there, so sometimes I get a lil carried away lol
  7. would you punch a retarded person ?

    lol i swear, JPE is like fuckin kindergarten... She's all like 'ok, that's the second person banned today... anyone want to join them?' I was thinkin like damnnnn hitler, calm down lol.. It's funny tho, I was discussing this with one of my girls, and she TOTALLY agrees... The chicks a fuckin noobody why does everyone kiss her ass... makes me angryyy
  8. whos rollin to DT solo

    Def sounds good... where in bergen are you (if u dont want everyone to know lol PM me )
  9. would you punch a retarded person ?

    lol nooooo comment! But lets just say I DEFINATELY agree with you lmao.. Nah noone would dare laugh on the board, you know, bunch of ass kissers that they are ... But the people I talk to on AIM from there... omg we were DYINGGGGGG
  10. whos rollin to DT solo

  11. whos rollin to DT solo

    me too... howdy neighbor hehe
  12. whos rollin to DT solo

    I hear ya on the nonexistent bum thing... If I end up going I will going alone as well
  13. would you punch a retarded person ?

    Hey... It's Sexxyprincessd22 from jpe, u know the bitch that was arguing with you lol... I never post on here but anyways, i was lookin around and i saw this post again... I'm not here to argue with u again lol i promise, but that sh*t yesterday was hilarious... You didn't get banned because of the thread, you got banned because u called her a dyke lmaooo u have NO idea how hard i was laughing... she started threating to ban me and sh*t too... I felt bad, she deffff abuses the sh*t outta the power she has on there.. I don't even know why she deleted the thread... oh wellsss