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  1. Sunglasses...money no object

    i like diors and chanels. i really, really didn't like the over-jeweled dior sunglasses - i found them super tacky. then as a joke, i tried on a pair and i couldn't believe how well they fit my face. with no other companies besides these two can i put on any pair of sunglasses and they fit perfectly.
  2. soulseek keeps kicking me off

    yes you need to update. go to their main website and download the latest version. you shouldn't have a problem again.
  3. cp reunion!!!!

    still lurking... though i dont go clubbing anymore...
  4. i got caught on wall street blazing during my lunch break while i was an intern. i got a summons to go to court. i showed up, sat for like half an hour amongst drunk degenerates and homeless peeps until they called my number/case. my number was called, the judge looked at me and told me not to waste his time, and i and my charge was dismissed. i was also with a guy friend who was dismissed for the same charge. we also both had nothing on our records, it was a joke. as long as you show up you're fine. don't stress it, honestly. i'm a girl and i didn't even stress it.
  5. digital perms

    indeed, us asians are like light years ahead of folks when it comes down to the latest technology for hair. i started japanese/thermal straightening my hair awhile ago, and many of my non-asians friends never understood why an asian girl would need to get her hair straightened... but, some of us do. digital perms can be found in virtually any asian hair salon. if you're in queens, all of the korean salons peppered throughout northern blvd stretching from flushing down to long island has digital perms. as for the city, i'd go to k-town (32nd st) or head down to the east village japanese salons. you'll pay a lot more for it there. if you're in jerz, go to palisades park/fort lee.
  6. OPUS 22 Brand new Club

    no no you're thinking of eddie lee, the guy from avalon right? haha it's not him... yet ANOTHER asian guy.. we'll be glad to have you, contact me with any further questions: [email protected]
  7. OPUS 22 Brand new Club

    def stop by, drop off your cd, talk to the owner, eddie lee! the 1/2 hour is totally flexible, depending on if he likes your sound. we had a guy stop by and spin for a few hours b/c he was really great behind the decks!
  8. OPUS 22 Brand new Club

    we just opened up last week! this weekend's line up: Citizen Kane Friday, June 10 Opus 22 559 W 22nd St (& 11th Ave) 10PM - 4AM No Cover No Hassle Melvin Moore Saturday, June 11 Opus 22 559 W 22nd St (& 11th Ave) 10PM - 4AM No Cover No Hassle Pole Folder (with Ryan Cavanagh) sunday, June 12 Opus 22 559 W 22nd St (& 11th Ave) 8PM - 4AM $5 For more info or if you'd like to sign up for open turntables M-W, contact: [email protected]
  9. OPUS22 (Turntable lounge)

    thanks for posting your review, glad you liked the spot! do you know the owner, just curious. if you know of any good djs you'd like to see spin there, def keep me posted! [email protected]
  10. fave places to drop (other than clubs!)

    whoa i started this thread over 4 years ago... thats pretty damned sad...
  11. question about tipping..

    make sure you tip the person that washes your hair (if that's all they do, i tip them $5). then tip the person actually doing your hair at 20% or so. so for $150 = $30 for the hairdresser, $5 for the shampoo girl i got my hair straightened (japanese magic) and it was about $300. the tip i gave was like $60 and then another $10 for the girl shampoo/blow drying my hair. ugh!
  12. Jewelry

    (1) tag heuer watch with pink face, never take it off (2) diamond solitaire on a white gold necklace
  13. Has anyone been to Puerto Rico recently?

    tripadvisor.com it's the traveller's bible. read it. be thankful that you did.
  14. Wat do u do?

  15. Watches

    tag heuer and omega also have diamond encircled watches. i really don't like those, personally, particularly b/c i'm a pretty active (and clumsy) girl. i have a tag heuer with diamonds on the inside... and i absolutely love it. the best splurge i made in 2003... :bigthumb: gotta love duty free shopping.