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  1. Homeland

    Today is Jan 2 2017 and I'm excited to tell everybody that Homeland is back in 2 weeks and the first episode is already on Demand This messge was brought by the Legend AKA Tempkid.
  2. Truth About Tempkid

    all I'm crazy about now is Long Island girls with green eyes
  3. Tempkid Definitely...

    I agree
  4. Attn: Tempkid

    Hi Angel ..long time. Hi to everybody in the Zoo......
  5. any older cp heads

    It feels good to post on CP again...to bad nobody else is here
  6. any older cp heads

    Holiday weekends don't count....and i was only drinking from 1pm till 3am straight through
  7. any older cp heads

    Nah....I def know what u mean....I'm not that crazy anymore...but watch out for Brian
  8. any older cp heads

    we need to catch up sometime like old times...Be good
  9. any older cp heads

    Dave...Whats up Bro ? Nice to hear from u Bro
  10. Wow

    I'l take that right now considering we were 14 1/2 little over 2 weeks ago
  11. Wow

    What the fuck happen here ?
  12. surf club

    U guys are to funny
  13. *** Attention Boston ***

  14. *** Attention Boston ***

    Yea, that sucks. Boston is def the better team rite now as we speak But it's a long season.......................... Oh yea fuck it, the Redsux suck anyways
  15. *** Attention Boston ***

    Holy shit !!!!! Hows Boston CP Doing???????