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  1. Review and questions about Sundaze II....

    No Dj Bossi (from Cosmic Gate) was on after Mike.....Cosmic Gate is responsible for tracks such as Somewhere over the Rainbow & Firewire.....Dj Bossi is from Germany & Mike is American I missed Bossi but I did hang out with him before his set...he was pretty nice too. At 11:30 we went upstairs for VIP to hear tasty...and he was sick xoox
  2. Review and questions about Sundaze II....

    Mike Macaluso spun after Jeremy & Manny. He spins a lot better than he produces IMO..The Final Chapter (both parts) is on my top 5 cheesiest anthems ever...it's right up there with Relentless & Zombie Manny's anxious to start spinning again every week.....between Rise on Friday & Sundaze on Sunday he's really starting to sound like himself again! oxox
  3. Hex Hector question......

    I saw him a year ago at Avalon & he was unreal. He was just in Providence this past Sunday & I missed it, but all of my friends went & they said it was really good. Lots of vocals, but not as commercial as you might think. I'm the one that usually does the ID's so I can't tell ya what he played, but I do Aubrey performed and she was ok, I guess they didn't do a sound check before she went on. He closed with the accapella of Absolutely Not (I'm not a big fan of either song, I honestly think Absolutely Not is a BIG let down.) I also know that the surprise of the night was that he dropped Nightmare. For a DJ that is more heavy on producing he's pretty good, I can't wait to go see him when he's up here again. I'd definitely check him out...you might be pleasantly surprised! kara xxoox
  4. New To BostonScene

    CARBON BEFORE THE FIRE... God it was sooooo much better then!!! Do you remember when it was Mirage?? The REAL Limelight?? Tunnel with D-Tour????? God I could go on for days... I'm a total factoryhead, have been since it opened. When I go out up here I usually do Axis Thursdays, Fridays I bounce around & Saturdays either Avalon, Metropolis in RI & Pulse every Sunday am that I'm not in NYC. You definitely need to check out Pulse though...it's the closest thing to factory. 6am-noon on Sunday morning, and Whalen's a nasty DJ. You can also check him out at Avalon on Saturday night....although this Sat is Pete Tong. check out http://www.soundfactoryboston.com...the bulletin board is a million times more active than this one. Trust me, if you're in the scene for the music, Boston is a great city. I lived in NJ & clubbed in NYC for 5 solid years (1993-1998) and I've seen more world class DJ's here than I did the whole time I was there..... kara xoxo
  5. Sundaze II - Sunday Sept 2nd - DJ Lineup & Set Times

  6. Sundaze II - Sunday Sept 2nd - DJ Lineup & Set Times

    It just took me waaaaaay too long to figure out what RD 6 stands for lol Seriously people make sure you check out Sundaze...there's a lot of good local talent being featured here! xoox
  7. Describe your first...

    You don't even know the half of it. I use it because I can't remember anything & also to write out lyrics to new vocals. But every now & then I'll return from SF with something random written in it. xoxo
  8. Describe your first...

    My first real clubbing experience was at Disco 2000 at Limelight when I was 17. I was with a bunch of freshman that I had just met in my freshmen dorm at Seton Hall; one of the girls worked there so she pretty much showed me the ropes! The DJ was Keoki....straight up techno (I HATE TECHNO) I was sober.....we may have drank a little & smoked a little pot....I didn't start rolling (in clubs) til February of 1998-the first time I heard JP (on a Sat) at Sound Factory (so basically I clubbed sober for 5 years...maybe dropped acid a couple times...why I started rolling 5 years into it I still have no idea.) I loved the scene immediately, but it wasn't until I discovered Danny T at the Tunnel (D-Tour anyone?) that I started to LOVE the music...the way people were drawn to him amazed me. Now, I'm 100% hooked on the music..it means so much to me. Sometimes though I wish I could just go out to have fun- my nights consist of critiquing the DJ, getting song ID's, trying to remember release dates to determine how old/ new a track is, who else remixed it, which remix is better, critiquing the crowd, trying to determine if the speaker is really blown or not, yelling at the DJ WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING????....fuck I should be getting paid for this LOL And those of you that know me well (STEPHEN) know all about the notepad (my brain is shot from too many bong rips) xoox
  9. Axis

    Axis...which night? I know this Thursday is Danny Laurel....anyone else going? It should be a good time... oxox
  10. Banning k-hole6969?

    BAN HIM You've banned people for much less.....(I've actually been on here way longer than that date shows) oxox
  11. Best websites for lyrics

    Thanks Adam! I haven't heard it yet either....at least I don't think so. The music scene up here can be funny sometimes (as you know ) I get all my personal music from Judi so if she or Greg aren't feeling it, I'm out of luck. I'll put a post up to Kim on deeper (I just can't call it jp.com...that sounds so cheesy) so I can stop mumbling the first line. Club hermit huh? Not good Adam...don't tell me you're actually getting out of the club scene??? I'll be back down on the 15th for my bday & if JP doesn't play CORRUPT this time I'm gonna be a little angry.....(haven't heard it there since last June 6; with the exception when Judi calls my cell phone.) kara xoxo oh and thanks inyourdreams for the lyrics!
  12. Best websites for lyrics

    Adam, Do you by any chance have the lyrics to Set Me Free by Abigail? A friend of mine up here is asking for them And if you could make out the first line of Home I'd be sooooo happy! Thanks again & hope to see ya soon! I had hoped to go to Surf after the underwear party but the rest of my car didn't think they could handle it...lightweights I mean. we only had to drive back to BOSTON after LOL kara xoxo
  13. Boston Is Weak

    I like Andrew so I won't bash him, BUT ARE YOU SERIOUS??? Listen I am NOT a PvD fan but there's a reason that the NY house sound/style isn't recgonized outside of the NE....c'mon you really can't compare Manny the Greek to PvD He can barely BEAT MATCH never mind spin anything but commercial BS You really need to expand your musical horizons. Also, those DJ's are only big REGIONALLY, it's like me saying in one weekend we had PvD, Ali Ajami, Mike Whalen, Manolo, Nailz...to you those names mean nothing. The only reason I know who all those DJ's are is because I lived in NJ for 5 years & I'm in NYC once a month. We also had Scott Bond on Saturday (he's a Gatecrasher DJ in case you didn't know.) And didn't Richie just take a residency at Hunka Bunka?? (Yes people, the club is as cheesy as the name ) And please humor me with some good Jersey clubs....I'd love to know. What, Joey's in Clifton? (Ok ok I can deal with Joey's...and I used to go to Abyss on Fridays before we went into the city, but that routine got old FAST ) You probably think Webster Hall is a real club LOL xoxo
  14. Boston Is Weak

    This is why I hate clubplanet...there's always drama on here. This place hasn't been the same since Dmitry left (*sigh*) But I'm in a mood so I'll bite into it. First, how old are you? I'm assuming under 21 if you get your kicks from fighting on this board. Now let's talk Jersey clubs. Which one's are you referring to? From what I remember: DRAMA (now Image I believe)- WEAK River Street- or when it was Vapor- WEAK Metro- WEAK Tempts- ALL YOU GOTTA SAY IS THE CHEESIEST DJ OF THEM ALL, DENNY CHEEZE DOODLES IS THE RESIDENT....so WEAK XS- Ok not bad for a shore club, but still WEAK I will give SURF on Sunday afternoons a thumbs up as long as SHAWN INK or MENDEZ are spinning..... So there my beloved Jersey boys is what I think of Jersey clubs...the only Jersey club I liked going to was Bourbon St (YUMMY) And if it's one thing I learned from living in Jersey, it's IF YOU'RE THAT CLOSE TO THE CITY WHY EVEN BOTHER????? And let me guess, you boys probably like EXIT And the Red Sox DO NOT SUCK, that's as IGNORANT as me saying the Yankees do.....TECHNICALLY we have a much better team than you SO THERE LOL kara xoox
  15. Envy Fridays

    Casey & Jay- Thanks for everything on Fri- we had a blast! As you can see we all got home ok Rick- Good seeing you hun! It sure was a nice surprise- it's been way to long. I know I'm long overdue at Zen! See you all soon! kara xoox