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  1. Well, uh, whatever!

    By the way, because the vibe sucked doesn't mean Glaude did. He absolutely ripped on the decks... Oh, and I hear rumors that Dave Dean and Giant may be taking over on Boylston St. (funktion). Anybody know any truth to this?
  2. Well, uh, whatever!

    All I know is that Giant so far still has the big names, and that's where I'll be (except for may 5, Hip Hip Hoorave 3 with Humpty and Glaude)..... By the way, I went to Circus for Glaude this past weekend and noticed a huge difference, in vibe, in the way security treated people, and a lot of other ways... It wasn't good... I'm looking forward to a new Giant beginning.
  3. Funktion info please?

    Just hoping you guys could tell me what time I should get there on Saturday, and how much it costs, I got on the e list but there's no info on the hours or cost on the site. Also, since it's a house club can I go ravered out (kikwear sweatshirt, etc...)? thanx
  4. Giant, Together As One, etc for NYE...

    Are you kidding me? Together as one of course! Take a look at this lineup: Coliseum 6pm-8:15pm- Hector "Huggie" Merida 8:15pm-9:15pm- Doran 9:15pm-10:15pm - Mars 10:15pm-11:15pm - Richard Humpty Vission 11:15pm-12:30am - Donald Glaude 12:30am-1:30am - Christopher Lawrence 1:30am -2:45am - DJ Dan 2:45am-4am - BT (Live) 4am - 5am - Bad Boy Bill 5am - 6am - Sandra Collins 6am - 7am - T-1000 Would you miss mars, humpty, glaude, lawrence and dj dan back to back? Me either.
  5. is TOGETHER AS ONE really happening?????

    Hell yeah it's happening! Me and 40 of my closest friends already have the tickets and all the party favors we need! PLUR [This message has been edited by csumaylo (edited 12-14-2000).]
  6. favorite cocktails??

    Redbull & Vodka ! [This message has been edited by csumaylo (edited 12-14-2000).]
  7. e-tarded, who are you?

    ^ | | | | Quote of the year! ------------------ Say Hello To My Little Friend! [This message has been edited by csumaylo (edited 11-14-2000).]
  8. HELP!

    Yup, it's 45 min. drive from Hollywood. I make the drive every weekend, you know there aint shit to do out here in the armpit of So. Cal! ------------------ Say Hello To My Little Friend!
  9. let's try another PHOTO GALLERY

    Not that anybody cares, but here's a pic of me about a year and a half ago! Just thought I'd add to the photo gallery! ------------------ Say Hello To My Little Friend!
  10. Zodiac tomorrow

    Anyone going to Liquid Butterfly @ Club Zodiac tomorrow night? It would be cool to meet some of you from this board! Whatever you guys do this weekend, have fun! I know I will! ------------------ Say Hello To My Little Friend!
  11. Same pill, different roll

    Hey Surreal, I heard that foam really sucked pretty bad! I wouldn't know of course, I didn't go. I think it was on a Saturday right? Anyway, I keep saying that I'm gonna meet all you clubla'ers sometime and never get the chance. I'll be at Liquid Butterfly @ Club Zodiac tomorrow (friday)..... have a good one! -c (fyi it's casey) ------------------ Say Hello To My Little Friend!
  12. Task Force Ecstatic Over Ecstasy Seizure

    This bust was actually in Upland, CA. I live 4 miles from where it happened. SHIT. Can't believe I was 4 miles from over a million hits of e. Had I only known before the cops did! ------------------ Say Hello To My Little Friend!
  13. e transportation

    What's up e-tarded, I heard the same thing about only 3 dogs but never really believed that. Is it really true that there's only 3 in the world? -c ------------------ Say Hello To My Little Friend!
  14. Same pill, different roll

    You know, there are so many reasons. The obvious one is how long it's been since you've rolled. The next one could be whoever is making the pills might not be putting the same amount of mdma in each hit. However, I've personally always thought that half the battle is your mood. If you're having a great time, usually you'll have a great roll. If you're bored, your roll will be weak. Just a thought. ------------------ Say Hello To My Little Friend!
  15. E question

    Yup, have some double stacked white "fish". They're actually called picses, you know the zodiac sign. ------------------ Know your body. Know your mind. Know your source. Know your roll.