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  1. say hi to the new girl

    hello mikah - welcome to the board - what are up to tonight? atti
  2. I can easyly go to Solas or Lepard Lounge to warm up. I am sure u have a better idea - so where to go? Attila [email protected]
  3. Hey * The last 2 Fridays I went to TWILO I have got searched. I was absolutley sober - no drugs in/with me. Was this just a coincidence? Did this happen to anybody at TWILO ever, too? I go there sometimes to enjoy some of the leading DJs spin and to dance. I do not want to get harassed, especailly after having paid the huge cover. Next time this happens I will take action against them! Did this ever happen to anybody else here on the list - I mean is this common @ Twilo? I heard/read in the news about some problems they have. The media also reports they have secret chill rooms, where they are trying to sober people out that actually might medical help? Is this true or false? Atti
  4. Hi, it's been over a year that I have not been in Miami. Could not attend for this year's DJ Convention. Which clubs are still good, which ones are relativly new? Does the ShadowLounge still exist? Regards to Miami ravers from NYC - Atti
  5. Hey club kids! I will try to make it. How long are you hanging out there? Atti
  6. OK! I guess I was just pissed about it ... 'cause it happened twice in a row ... and is not fun ... Atti
  7. I think that is what they told me too. A friend - a DJ from San Francisco was with me that night - his first time at Twilo. "Nice" surprise. I guess every city has its specials: In S.F. i.e. you'll have a hard time to smoke a cigarette in some locations. That is weired! Especially when you happen to be from smoky europe ... We walked around in the club quite a lot. Maybe that's a pattern making one suspissious? It never happened to me in 12 years of raving experience.
  8. Hi! Actually, my answer is d) "other" ... that is: I like to party 'cause of the music and the people. The sex thing is often in the way - though not forbidden not the reason I go out. Atti
  9. Relationships?

    Hey, I love my babe - everyday a little bit more!!
  10. Anyone here in a relationship?

    Hi **, I am in what you can call a long term relationship. When I was younger I was probably to curious to stay for extended time. Fact is: there are things you can't experience in those short stories (and probably vice versa). Being in a good relationship means being able to get socially involved ... Did you ever get so sick that you could hardly get up and go to the kitchen? If somethiong like this happens: do know, how good it feels when you partner suddenly makes you a tea - saying "I want U to get back on your feet!"? Were those One-Night-Stands ever around you in a moment when you could not deliver "as usual"? I like being in my 1.5 year realationship. But if you are still in your early 20ies, u probably shouldn't worry about it to much, as u are probably still trying to figure out, who's actually the best match for u ... Protect yourself: I do have straight, not-to-wild friends who died from HIV - our youngest friend was 23 when she died. And she did not even take it from the wild side. Just that one encounter in a club in Berlin/Germany, when she was 18) If you found a person you really like: don't worry about what you might be missing because you are with that person - instead worry about what you would be missing if u were not with that personn anymore ... Atti [This message has been edited by atti (edited 10-19-2000).]
  11. Hello erverybody! I think it was LOVELY to meat new people this way @PowerBar. And with PvD nothing could go wrong anyways ... [email protected]&D! Atti
  12. San Francisco Forum

    True, the boat parties were always a lot of fun indeed! Atti
  13. San Francisco Forum

    Hey, I just moved to NYC from SF. So, what's going on in SF these days? 1015, EndUp, 550 Barnevald - what else? Atti