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  1. hahaha I remember you bungee... been so long, I had to do a password reset to respond! Does Dave still run the board?
  2. Just moved :)

    hey you guys!... ya'll be nice to missdiva- she's one of my girlies from up here... very cute, very sweet.... and has nice boobies.... sorry rene- lol- (.)(.)
  3. Just moved from New York

    phrank... lola... digital... so psyched you guys saw this!... i'm a'aaaaaight... it's alittle freezing up here... wish i was still living there to be out & partying with all you guys... phrank... how was your trip up here... where'd ya end up going... i don't there really anything big going on up here that weekend, but i dont really remember... digital -i'll drop ya a pm with my email... we all need to hook up at the conference this year... whaddya all think about the tues-sat thing?... pretty-lola... i saw your pic "south of the border"... will be in touch over there...
  4. Early Congrats To Ga2 & Nightstar!!!!!!

    omg!.... congrats you two!... hold off on your reception till the conference... lol.... i'm wishing you both the best!... luv dee :)
  5. Just moved from New York

    it's all about twist.... lol- that place still there?... btw- whats up miami, haven't been on this board in forever... good 2 see old... and plenty of new names... i'm missing the sunshine... and all ya'll- luv dee
  6. Hello CP

    ahhhhhhhhhhh... where it all began.... damn i was still living in sobe when i posted here... lol- i still check in with my miami crew from time to time though whaddup dino-da-dancin-dinosaur!?
  7. hey you guys....

    lmao- all i got outta this post is that nikki's cute and wanna molest her... pervert- just kidding.... ill tell her you said was'up....
  8. hey you guys....

    hey guys!... digital i'm serious i'm gonna hang around here and post w/ you cats... omg- mrmovement.... is that abraham?!?... i'll tell nicki you said hey... lol... you had us retarded after the car ride over to space that night... we're missing some pps here i see.... wheres mimi, barbie, chris, shroomy, lorraine, rene, attomic, sgtfurry, laluix, edgar<--- who btw has left his mark all over ny, he needs to come back soon (i know im forgetting some, please forgive me...)?... come out you guys....
  9. hey you guys....

    awwww i really miss you guys... i'm gonna stick around here a little more often... besides who's been harrassing georgie for me since i've been away... ?
  10. hey you guys....

    stoppin' in to say hey to all you guys down there... mr. dj phrankadelic dropped me a line recently and i promised to stop in... i cant get over all the new ppl on here... this board looks fabulous... staceyg.- hey pretty girl i got your message... sooooo gooooooood to hear your voice... still in FL i see -lol i'm so bummed i missed hanging with all of you during the conference- so much to do so little time... i def. plan on making another trip in the fall- weekend will be depending on who's playing where so i'll check in to see whats happening after the summer to make some plans with all you kids... luv and miss ya bucnhes- i hope everyone is doin' well- even though i'm not on so much i still think of and miss ya's... luv d
  11. same with us, we got there around 1? i think- and figured we missed him- oakey and d:fuse were sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk though....
  12. did you physically see him at wmc or no?... cause to my understanding he wasnt at ultra- and mike and i went to spin the night he was supposed to be there and either we missed his set or he wasn't there- we still dont knoow for sure which happened...
  13. evil jav', emmitt, cigs, tempskid....

    bwahahhaaa, nicki was telling me how she left around 7:30 and about 7 you went up her to her and said "damn nicki you're in rare form tonight"... and she didnt say anything cause she really couldnt account for what she had been doing- lol CLUBANGEL and CLUBKITTY -i should have hit your girls up over here too!... i was just thinking of the boys cause i had to walk over to meet them but you guys were pretty much chillin' near us the whole time i was there! -so nice meeting you two pretty girls- lets stay in touch over here and get together soooooon -hugs and kisses, luv ya's- d btw- claire you rule! hhhahahaaaaa- the ponytail on the side, what you'd think you were doin' samaris's hair!?......
  14. evil jav', emmitt, cigs, tempskid....

    to remind you that you joeys sucked sunday anyway, thanks again for bringing me over to meet everyone claire! you guys rule, lets hook up again soon! thanks! btw, wheres cigs?
  15. i prob. fucked up the spelling on all your screen names, but i told a couple of ya's (i think cigs for sure) -that i'd check in over here today- i met ya all at world last night from claire hope to see you guys soon! -luv d