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  1. Latest New?????????????????????????

    baez def on fridays start july 21st and JV is almost def. for a guestlst for either night email me [email protected]
  2. tunnel friday july 21st

    excuse me but i work for many clubs AND if you notice "clubplanet' does not have a TUNNEL list therefore i posted on the board i realise alot of you wana go so use the list havce fun
  3. tunnel friday july 21st

    make sure to be on a guestlst email: [email protected] with tunnle friday in the subject AND your first name & last initial + however many are in your party
  4. Tunnel

    if you would like to be on a guestlst for the opening friday email: [email protected] wit "tunnel" in the subj & your first name and last initial + how many are in your party HURRICANE GUESTLST