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  1. Jet

    Does anyone know how much bottle service is at JET and how far in advance you need to reserve?
  2. Cancun

    Thanks guys. LaBoom is my fav, I was hoping that they had built a couple new ones. I had actually stayed at the Grand oasis last time I was there and it was a good time during the day. Does anyone know if Christines is still around??? Bito what is bulldogs like?
  3. Cancun

    Is anyone going to be in Cancun next week? I was wondering what clubs I should check out, I haven't been there in a couple of years.
  4. Cancun

    Is anyone going to be in Cancun or been in cancun lately. I haven't been in a couple years and was wondering if anyone knew what clubs we should check out while we are there next week. Thanx! -Michelle
  5. Tonight.....

    My roomate and I are planning on heading into the city tonight and wanted to know what places are good on a Wed. night. Thank you!
  6. Vicodins???????

    I have never had a problem with them before, but they don't do much for me anywayz.
  7. Zoloft and E

    Does anyone know if this is a problem? I am not being treated for depression. I have a medical problem where I am always in a lot of pain and I guess giving about 50mg under the normal amount of Zoloft you give someone with depression it will help with the pain. Not really sure how it works. Thanks!
  8. Trying shrooms for the first time...

    Well, tonight is the night! I'll let you all know how it goes.
  9. What should I expect? I'm a little nervous. Anyone have any advice? How much should I take? For some reason when I do any type of drug it tends to hit me about ten times harder than the average person. I know most people do an eigth, should I start with a sixteenth? Thanks peeps!
  10. To Swallow or Not

    Gulp! I'll let my man do whatever he wants with it. If he says swallow, I swallow, if he wants to cum somewhere else then I don't mind that either.
  11. Throw-up after E

    Don't eat anything 4 hours before you roll.
  12. Why...

    That is my absolute fav candy bar. I can sit there and eat a whole bag of the bite sized.... of course then I wish I was dead afterward. No willpower I tell ya!
  13. The time has come.....

    to fly the coop. I will be moving out of my house tomarrow down to school. I prolly won't be posting much the next week because I have a computer that I don't know how to hook up. I'm so retarded. It's probably going to sit in my room for about half the semester before I even get to use it. After I get all settled down there I will definantly be meeting up with you crazy cats. Things have just been to crazy lately unfortunatly. I'm off to get those stupid shots that you have to have in order to start school. Owwweeeee! Talk to you all later! Have fun this weekend!
  14. worst CD in your collection??

    Marky Marc and the Funky bunch. How embarassing. To top it off I even went to one of his concerts.
  15. Pace university

    Is this a very good business college? My sister just got her acceptance letter today and she is already registered for school in our state. Is it worth her checking out?