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  1. Go?

    Yeah, it's ok, the place used to be hot. Nothing special really. I would check out Flow if I were you. It's a new spot in the Soho. Take a look at some of the pictures from the Saturday night party - http://www.paramarx.com.
  2. What's that song?

    got it, thanks saleen
  3. What's that song?

    Does anyone know what's the remix version of Madonna - Like a Prayer. The one with the background beat. Thanks
  4. CD vs. Vinyl

    thanks cp'ers, i think im gonna start out with cds and see how that goes.
  5. CD vs. Vinyl

    what's your opinion? i wanna start djing, what do u guys suggest?
  6. so whats the deal at pseudo tomorrow?

    quick question....is pseudo an 18+ or 21+ party?
  7. vinyl friday

    is DT spinning at Vinyl this friday?
  8. where is everyone headed to the nite b4 thanksgiving. looking for an 18 and over party
  9. looking for an 18 and over party for thanksgiving eve.