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  1. Orange County Events...

    It depends on a couple of things. Email me, and I'll discuss it with you.
  2. Orange County Events...

    I don't know if you guys heard, but at Nocturnal Wonderland, Taylor and Sandra Collins are spinning... (not to mention Oakey... rabbit in the moon, mars and a heap of others...) It's gonna be an amazing show..
  3. Orange County Events...

    Well... one would have to know someone to make it on the vip list... email me, and I'll see what I can do, depending on how much of an angel you are [email protected]
  4. In the beginning, there was Jack

    Some of it is from SM Traxx / Got the Groove... the rest is adlibbed...
  5. Las Vegas....

    Oakey will definately be playing at C2K on the 19th. Tix are available thru ticketmaster right now.
  6. Orange County Events...

    Hey Kids, this is just a psa... if anyone knows of any GOOD events in OC, clubs, raves, undergrounds, please let me know.. I'm trying to keep my site updated... [email protected]
  7. Paul Oakenfold

    Vegas baby... inside the venetian, tix are available through Ticketmaster as we speak...
  8. electric daisy sat. night.........

    sorry you missed EDC kids... it was phenomenal. Christopher Lawrence was good, but he was put to shame by BT, Sandra Collins and Mars. Not to mention in the same room, John Kelley, Doran, Thee-o, and a couple of others. It was cranking all night long, every DJ there was amazing. Cyberfest should be about the same quality lineup.
  9. searching for SD clubs/raves, please help

    Try 4th and B. Club Rubber was there last month, and it's an ok venue. here's a bunch of others... I dunno how good they are. Cupids Erotic / www.cupidserotic.com Club Hedonism / Richs-San Diego / www.richs-sandiego.com Kit Kat Club / 619.418.8858 Brick by Brick / 619.276.3993 That's about all the ones I know.. check out www.ravelinks.net for info on raves... B
  10. Paul Oakenfold

    He's also playing at C2K on the 19th. He'll be back there again the middle of August also.