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  1. Hey beautiful Welcome to our board. If your Al's best friend then I might as well consider you one of my good friends too, since he is one of my partners in crime. Enjoy the board, I am looking foward to meeting you. -Andy ------------------ Lets Go METS!!!!!!!!
  2. White Rockets were delightful. Ask anyone who saw me at Carl Cox. ------------------ Lets Go METS!!!!!!!!
  3. Lance from N'SYNC - - - - - -

    Yeah I read that article. He is going into business with the owner of One51 to buy a new club that will hold like 3000 people. Who know's how that will turn out, I hear One51 is a really nice place. ------------------ Lets Go METS!!!!!!!!
  4. HEy- Mikey and Al check your pm's Hopefully I'll see you guys on Friday. -Andy ------------------ Lets Go METS!!!!!!!!
  5. ATTN: andy1020

    WHats up boys. Thanx for the shout out. I am going to make a real big effort to go on Friday. My friend is here from Israel, its basically up to him, but he's been to Twilo before and I think he's down to go back. But, if I don't make it, I'll definitely be at the dinner next week. If I'm not there trust me I'll wish I was the next day when I hear all aout it from you guys. Good Lookin' Out -Andy ------------------ Lets Go METS!!!!!!!!

    IMO No, you cannot be friends with an ex, unless you were friends first. I tried talking to my exfor a while after we broke up, because I really truly love her as a person. But since we were never friends before we dated, we both realized we couldn't stay friends. The hardest part is seeing the person with their new BF/GF, when I saw my ex with her new BF I knew things would never be the same between us again. Its hard, but it is a part of life. -Andy ------------------ Lets Go METS!!!!!!!!
  7. is it 4:20 yet?

    Fuck You!!!! I miss college. I didn't even take breaks to go to class. Enjoy it while you can. ------------------ Lets Go METS!!!!!!!!
  8. Im gonna try and make it. My boy from Israel is home and Im gonna try and get him to go with me. I'll let you know laterin the week. -A ------------------ Lets Go METS!!!!!!!!
  9. stranded in south carolina

    Yo, I feel for you man. Just think that at least it will make your trips to NYC that much better. I know that don't help much, but at least you got those beautiful southern belles down there to help you pass the time. -Andy ------------------ Lets Go METS!!!!!!!!
  10. Official Twilo (PVD) Meetup

    What up all, Im gonna try and make it if I can convince my boy to go to Twilo two fridays in a row. I def. want to go. Ive met so many cool peeps so far, I just have to meet all these other faceless names-MSKitty, pfloyd, brandy,msoprano,mysterioussss, etc... I can't even name all of you. If I don't make it to Twilo i will at least try to make the lounge meetup before. -Andy ------------------ Lets Go METS!!!!!!!!
  11. I had a blast guys

    U R A FUCKIN' LOSER!!!!! Get a life and stop tryin' to cause trouble. ------------------ Lets Go METS!!!!!!!!
  12. Al- that shit is off the hook!!!! ------------------ Lets Go METS!!!!!!!!
  13. As I have stated before, If you're cool with Al, your cool with with me. Welcome and Hopefully we'll meet soon -Andy ------------------ Lets Go METS!!!!!!!!
  14. This weekend I...(fill in the blank)

    ...Met some cool fuckin people. Ya'll know who you are. ------------------ Lets Go METS!!!!!!!!
  15. pill price

    Alrigth, unfortunately I know a lot about this because me and all my boys from school abuse this shit to no end. For me to go out and dance I usually take aderol, not ritalin. about 15 mg should definitely get me wired enough. even 10 mg does the trick. Anything more gets me a little nutty. Ive been taking it a lot recently because I basicly stoppped rollin' and this is the only way I can stay up all night. Sometimes I bump it, but mostly I will swallow it. One 30mg aderol(they are rare but my boy takes em like candy from a prescription)is usually about $5, a ritalin is usually $3. I hope this helped. -Andy ------------------ Lets Go METS!!!!!!!! [This message has been edited by andy1020 (edited 11-05-2000).]