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  1. What's up. Do any of you go to school in Philly? If so where? And I want to start promoting in Philly, if anyone knows any contacts that could get me started, please email me. [email protected]
  2. Teh best Board Game ever??

    Come on...what about CANDYLAND??????? [This message has been edited by msnyc (edited 08-04-2000).]
  3. If anyone knows where I can get that opera/trance track. Please email me [email protected] Thanks.
  4. What should this night be like? I haven't been to Tunnel in 3 years...
  5. What's up? I will be in London from August 10-18. I have neve been before. Can anyone give me suggestions on where to go, and what I should do? Don't just limit your suggestions to nightlife. I'd like to know about the best restaurants, shows, places to shop, museums...etc. Let me know.
  6. I can't pick just one song. I have 2 favorites right now!! "All That She Wants" and "The Sign," both by Ace Of Base.
  7. University of Pennsylvania.
  8. a BOOK you MUST read!!!!

    I read it in fifth grade. Is it that book about that water that makes you live forever? I liked it. It made me laugh. You said it could change your life... how?
  9. What's up DJ Chris, Either way you go... I think New Jersey can use a new venue. If you need any help promoting your spot, just email me. I'm from North Jersey also. [email protected]