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  1. Rehab, tell me about it..

    My girl just got put into rehab because her mom caught her doing god knows what heh.. she doesn't want to say to me. Being that I don't do drugs, I'm actually happy in a way. But I have to ask.. Does rehab actually work? What kind of things happen in there. I'm just curious, because my g/f won't talk to me about it at all. Her mom is religious and stuff so she's in a lot of shit, and I have to play it off like I don't know else her mom will feel even worse. Thanks.
  2. My girl is in rehab..

    Her mom caught her doin some shit.. So what happens in there? Does it work?
  3. My current girl... need women/men advice..

    Silveooh, can you explain what you were sayin to me? I got the part about disapproving, and I already do, but I don't voice that I also need ideas on things we can do together that would make her and I both happy, but not necessarily go out clubbin every night. I can go MAYBE once a week, but that's a stretch. I am way too motivated to sleep a day away because I went out till 9am
  4. My current girl... need women/men advice..

    Well, I'm going to give it my all, as I always do with women. I'm a hopeless romantic, and I'm always looking for 'the one' and if I don't try hard enough.. I may be sorry down the line. I just wanted to know what kind of adverse affects it has on a relationship Besides, what fun did YOU have (stacy) with people that don't party much? My girl keeps askin me to go out clubbing which is good if you want to meet somebody, but if you already know somebody... I just don't see the point Though I go sometimes just to kick it with my friends. So what kind of things are good to do in this kind of relationship on a date or whatnot? Movies have already been played out
  5. My current girl... need women/men advice..

    Well, I'm a total straight-edge. Don't drink, roll, nada.. I just started goin with a girl that is a 'party girl' and I think you all know what that means. I just need some advice on whether a relationship like that works out or not, because I like the girl but some things she does just don't appeal to me.. specially when she rolls, goddamn she sees all kindsa funky shit . I guess what I'm saying is that do hardcore partiers usually mix well with on-again off-again partiers? (like me hehe). Thanks.
  6. sirdante, my girl and me thank you!

    Where's sirdante ?
  7. sirdante, my girl and me thank you!

    I had said previously that friday night was going to be the big night.. what a night it was. I swear, I have never heard her scream like that I'm sure I didn't do everything perfectly, but I think i did well We stayed up till about 5am going back and forth. I think I gave her some happiness.. I just hope that she doesn't forget my birthday !
  8. another question for the guys

    I have to be the odd man out, but I wouldn't indulge.. I just think sex is something that's supposed to be shared with 2 people who love each other... though I won't look down on anybody that takes that lady up on her offer.. Just something i *personally* wouldn't do. Thats all
  9. Tomorrow is my big day....

    my g/f's birthday. I'm going to follow SirDante's guide, so please wish me luck I hope I do everything I'm supposed to.. Any last minute advice that my prove important? Anything at all! I want her to be happy, she's finally graduated from being a teenager Will be 20 tomorrow and the same age as me finally hehe. Peace! Wish me luck
  10. couple good songs

    Simply put, I'm not going to buy a CD because ONE song is good. This is a wakeup for artists to stop producing and creating CRAPPY music and expect people to buy their CDs. So when people start making music like PVD makes or like S&D make.. I'll buy the CD.
  11. Cunnylingus..

    wow, great manual! *copies and puts into a booklet to place under bed and study later* One question.. when she comes?...........I just dont wanna do anything 'wrong'. Fill in the blank for me [This message has been edited by hercules (edited 09-25-2000).]
  12. Cunnylingus..

    Somebody please help I'm totally inexperienced, and i don't know what to expect or do! I am looking for something like that movie American Pie, a reference sheet Thanks guys, please help if you know Everybody seems so knowledgable.....
  13. Calling all men!!!!!

    anything bigger than a handful is a turn-OFF to me... I don't need that much woman.. but it depends on the body size too hehe
  14. Cunnylingus..

    I've never done it. I would like to do it for my current g/f, as I've prepared quite a night for her b-day (starting with dinner, walk, massage, blah blah blah). I have no idea what to do, OR what to expect. Please help a inexperienced teen Thanks folks
  15. shave that ass

    Doesn't it wind up leaving harder hair after it grows back? Kinda like shaving my face....