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  1. I Love Neptunes

    Not this year! The hamptons suck! The only good place to go is Neptunes!!!!
  2. So my car was stolen....

    I'm sorry about your car...waiting for insurance companies SUCKS! but, just out of curiousity, where r u getting the extra 8 g's to buy the beemer, bc isn't that the price difference? g20 retails at around 24 fully loaded (my brother has one) and the BMW STARTS at 28...so with any options it ends up being around 32ish....no?
  3. Attn:Saleen351

    I thought I told you already to stop using your self portrait as your sig!
  4. Wise words from the Sage Rizzo.

    Actually, if you knew anything about modeling, you'd know that it IS hard work...the hours are longer than you've ever worked in your life... And Rizzo is the funniest damn person i've ever read posts from in my LIFE! :D
  5. Attn:Saleen351

    Thats one big asshole.
  6. holy shit.. VIP hacked?!??!

    LOL, true true!
  7. Have You Ever Cheated On Your Partner?

    lol...i take it you don't watch friends?
  8. Have You Ever Cheated On Your Partner?

    I have Jacob the Jewelers number if you want it...hes supposed to be the best.
  9. Favorite Stores..

    Yup, add to that Bebe, Arden B and Sharagano and ya got me! (all chick stores )
  10. Have You Ever Cheated On Your Partner?

    I've cheated before only for stupid reasons...like being bored of the person i'm with...and it always results in me breaking up with them the following week because I have the WORST conscious EVERRRRRRR! The guy i'm with now--I could NEVER cheat on...i'm completely in love with him...hes my lobster. :heart:
  11. Favorite cologne or perfume?

    mmmmmmmmmm I wear Marc Jacobs and my next one is gonna be Shi by Alfred Sung...
  12. Losing a friend in a drunk driving accident in November...old people are expected to pass away-not someone whos 19 yrs old...Everytime I go see her grave, it brings back how wonderful she was... Trying to find a friend on September 12, 13, 14th...countless phone calls, only to realize she was gone....never recovered...
  13. Howells Review!!!!!!!!

    WOWWWWWWWWWWW! Last nite was sick! Scotty, it was fab-OO meeting you finally!!!! =)
  14. Can't wait till SATURDAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
  15. Attention Girsl Who Wear Those Little Glasses

    ohhhhhhhhhhhh! I got a pair of those like 2 months ago! I love em!